Heat Exchangers Allow for More Efficient Technology

In increasingly more applications, heat exchangers are becoming the preferred way to keep electrical enclosures continuously cool. Noren’s cooling technology has even been certified for use in hazardous locations, as well as demanding industries such as military and aerospace technology. Compared to other electrical cooling methods, heat exchangers often provide the best way to keep high-powered technology operating at optimal efficiency with minimal energy costs and maintenance needs. (more…)

Keeping Contaminants Out of Electrical Cooling Cabinets

There are several factors to consider when designing a thermal management system for electrical cabinets. Energy consumption, for instance, will have long-term effects on the cooling system’s efficiency, as well as its need for maintenance and overall shelf-life. Also, for most electrical cabinets, the cooling system must be designed in a way that minimizes or eliminates the potential for moisture buildup and air contamination within the cabinet. For optimal results in every project, Noren custom-designs thermal management solutions that not only help save on energy and maintenance costs, but also reduce the risks of contamination damaging expensive components within an electrical enclosure. (more…)

Cooling Electrical Enclosures without Condensation

The point of keeping electrical cabinets cool is to stop waste heat from damaging the electrical equipment. Traditionally, this has been achieved with a variety of methods; the most common of which were air conditioning and compressed air cooling units. However, with today’s high-powered and high-performance technology, such solutions require massive energy consumption, and in some cases, can create additional problems, such as condensation, that can damage the equipment. Fortunately, Noren’s heat exchanger technology makes it possible to cool electrical enclosures without condensation or other forms of contamination, and without consuming excessive amounts of energy. (more…)

What It Means to Go Green

More than any other time in history, today’s industries must strive to balance production and growth with a more conscientious approach to the environment around them. To that end, organizations are always searching for ways to “go green” for both environmental reasons and to reduce overhead costs, particularly energy. Going green is a concept that has driven Noren’s success for over 40 years. Not only do we stay abreast of the latest technology, we’ve also invented a few thermal management concepts that have helped us create more energy efficient solutions for all of our clients. (more…)

Answers to Common Thermal Management Questions

For over 40 years, Noren has helped companies advance their technology with customized, green energy thermal management systems. From helping to revolutionize thermal management with compact cabinet coolers, to paving the way for such systems to be used even in hazardous locations, Noren’s goal is to bring efficient thermal management solutions to the technologies that power every industry. Part of our dedication to ensuring the success of our clients’ systems is to focus on education, and we’re always happy to answer questions about our customized thermal management solutions. (more…)

Better Thermal Management through Custom Heat Pipes

Heat exchanger technology was first introduced in the early 20th century. Yet, it wasn’t until close to the end of the century that heat exchanger technology advanced enough to be considered a viable alternative to traditional air conditioning. One of the most significant advancements was the heat pipe, which allowed manufacturers to create compact heat exchangers that operated within a closed loop. Since then, Noren has become a leading brand in improving thermal management through custom heat pipes and heat exchangers of all types. From industrial-size electrical cabinets to computer drives and aerospace technologies, we offer better thermal management solutions to help organizations save on operating costs while maximizing efficiency. (more…)

Tips for Upgrading Your Cabinet Cooling Systems

To stay competitive, companies across all industries have to eventually reevaluate and upgrade their operating systems. One of the biggest mistakes engineers make when implementing new technology is neglecting to design new cooling methods to meet the new requirements. Though upgraded equipment is designed to be more efficient, that doesn’t always mean that it gives off less heat or requires less effective cooling methods. On the contrary, the faster and more powerful electronics become, the more waste heat they tend to generate. One of the biggest tips we can offer for upgrading your electrical systems is to ensure that you upgrade your cabinet cooling methods appropriately. Otherwise, the upgrade may prove more costly than beneficial. (more…)

Why Thermal Management Needs to Be Part of the Design Process

When newer, faster, and more powerful technology is implemented, changing an old system to the new can sometimes mean revamping entire facilities. To save costs and limit downtime, organizations will often turn to retrofitting existing equipment, where possible, rather than changing it out entirely. Unfortunately, successful thermal management is often more of an afterthought than a factor in a product’s design, which can lead to complications and further expenses due to inadequate performance. For any project’s long-term success, proper management of thermal energy should be a vital consideration in the product’s design process. (more…)

A More Cost-Efficient Way to Handle Electrical Waste Heat

Thermal management solutions have continued to adapt to meet the increasing demands of smaller, faster, and more powerful technology. In many ways, those demands are felt most strongly in fields such as manufacturing, industrial automation, food and beverage processing, etc., which rely more and more on high-performance, complex electrical equipment. In addition to keeping electrical enclosures consistently cool, Noren’s custom-designed heat exchangers also help companies keep their energy consumption, carbon footprint, and overall maintenance costs reasonably low with more efficient ways to handle electrical waste heat. (more…)

Achieve Below Ambient Cooling with Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers

It’s been traditionally accepted that achieving below ambient cooling required refrigerant-based air conditioning or compressed air coolers, making air-to-air heat exchangers unfit for certain high ambient applications. Fortunately, that’s often no longer the case, thanks to Noren’s innovative air-to-water heat exchangers that can cool electronics relying solely on water temperature. Air-to-water coolers provide the benefits of below ambient cooling and the cost and energy-saving advantages of lowering your overall carbon footprint. (more…)