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Important Considerations About Heat Pipes

There are several different types of heat exchangers that companies and technicians prefer according to any given system’s thermal management needs. In many cases, though, heat pipes are the most efficient method thanks to their many highly versatile applications. In everything from large manufacturing equipment and automated assembly lines to small, smart, and powerful consumer… Read more »

A Brief Look at Pipe Heat Exchangers

Of the many different types of heat exchangers that are available today, heat pipes are among the most frequently utilized. Their popularity is well-deserved; in the realm of electrical thermal management, few other solutions can compare to the efficiency, convenience, and optimal performance of modern pipe heat exchangers. Today, we examine what makes pipe heat… Read more »

How Heat Pipes Transfer Heat Efficiently

Over the last several decades since heat exchangers first became popular, they’ve undergone several different iterations, each one offering even more efficient and reliable thermal management. One of the most common and versatile iterations is the advent of heat pipes, which are high-performance heat spreaders that can fit into unique spaces and offer optimal heat… Read more »

Questions About the Advantages of Heat Pipes

Some of the most common types of heat exchangers utilize heat pipe technology to some degree, mainly because they often provide the most efficient and comprehensive thermal management results. Their ability to keep electrical waste heat continuously circulating away from sensitive equipment without needing complicated machinery to do it makes heat pipes one of the… Read more »

Why Heat Pipes Make Great Heat Exchangers

A significant part of what makes heat exchanger technology more efficient than other thermal management solutions is the fact that they don’t require complicated machinery or constantly moving equipment. In addition to the advanced methods of transferring heat that they employ, their simplified designs impact their ability to minimize energy and maintenance requirements. In many… Read more »

Common Applications for Advanced Heat Pipes

Heat exchangers today are utilized for a wide variety of different applications, from cooling control panels for manufacturing equipment to transferring waste heat within small, powerful electronic devices. To keep up with different demands, heat exchangers and heat spreaders come in an equally wide variety of types, and heat pipes are among the most versatile… Read more »

Using Heat Pipes for the Most Demanding Applications

For over 40 years, Noren has excelled at providing innovative heat exchanger technology to suit a dynamic range of needs and applications. Today, heat pipes remain one of the most effective and reliable solutions for applications that require high performance with little or no maintenance. For instance, heat pipes do not consist of external moving… Read more »

A Closer Look at Heat Pipes

When it comes to effectively cooling control panels and other electrical enclosures, Noren Products offers several solutions according to each application’s unique specifications. For many applications, heat pipes have quickly become the go-to option for thermal management in a variety of industries. With their combination of energy-efficiency and minimal maintenance needs, heat pipes are among… Read more »

The Difference Between Heat Pipes and Cold Plates

When it comes to thermal management for advanced technology, there are several efficient, high-performance options to choose from, such as heat pipes and cold plates. The most appropriate solution depends on a given system’s unique specifications, though both options can offer a wealth of savings in costs, energy consumption, and footprint. At Noren Products, our… Read more »

Why Heat Pipes May Be Your Most Efficient Thermal Management Option

Modern heat exchangers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, each with its own unique advantages. For instance, heat pipes, which are among the most popular solutions, can be designed to optimize thermal management for virtually any system. While all heat spreaders are extremely effective at managing electrical waste heat, heat pipes offer… Read more »