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Aiding Heat Pipe Enclosure Cooling

Closeup of manometer, pipes and faucet valves of heating system in a boiler room

There are a number of different methods and processes out there to help you get the most out of your industrial applications. Indeed, in a world where competition is thriving due to technological advancement, these methods are necessary to help your business stay ahead of the curve. But where exactly do you begin the process?… Read more »

Installing Heat Pipes In Your Operation

To put it simply, your successful operation can depend on how effectively you are able to transfer heat from important electronic systems. Whether you are in the manufacturing field, medical, military, oil and gas, or another service, you have equipment that you rely on to accomplish vital tasks, and that equipment needs to remain as… Read more »

Cooling With Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

Close up of house heating system with many steel pipes, manometers and metal tubes.

To protect your devices from overheating is one thing, but to provide ideal enclosure cooling for a variety of applications is completely different. In fact, there are countless companies out there that advertise effective thermal management, but achieve this concept at a major cost to the environment. What’s more, many products are designed with a… Read more »

Thermal Management With Heat Pipes

With the advent of new technology and more efficient solutions, it is no surprise that power densities per square inch continue to increase. On the other hand, space allotted for thermal management solutions is forever decreasing, bringing forth the challenge of achieving optimal performance with a limited area. In today’s blog, the team at Noren… Read more »

Displacing Thermal Energy With Custom Heat Pipes

Customization and innovation are two very necessary steps nowadays to creating optimal thermal management solutions. In fact, having the ability to not only prototype and test ideas rapidly, but to do so with the client completely in the loop is the number one way we ensure an accurate and precise result. Additionally, utilizing a number… Read more »

Ways that Heat Pipes Can Streamline Production

When it comes to methods for regulating temperature and heat waste efficiently, a number of solutions have made an appearance over the years. What’s more, customization is at an all-time high, as most technological applications are created to serve a specific goal or function. Whether you are working in the Oil & Gas industry, the… Read more »

Heat Pipes and Electrical Cooling at Scale

Heat exchangers that are designed based on heat pipe technology have long proven advantageous to companies that rely on technology. That reliance has grown exponentially heavier over the years in every industry, and the ability to achieve high-performance electrical cooling at increasingly larger scale has become equally more important. For many advanced applications with high-performance… Read more »

Transferring Heat with Modern Heat Pipes

In the decades since they were first introduced, heat exchangers have taken on many different forms. Today, they can even be utilized for thermal management processes far beyond the routine electrical enclosure cooling processes they were originally designed for. In many applications, heat pipes are often the ideal type of heat exchanger for providing the… Read more »

A Few Advantages that Come with Modern Heat Pipes

Over the decades that heat exchangers have helped transform electrical thermal management, the more advanced cooling systems have undergone several different evolutions. These days, heat exchangers can be created in a wide variety of designs, and tailored to meet some of the most demanding industrial applications. For many modern applications, heat pipes remain the most… Read more »

How to Make Heat Pipes a High-Performance Cooling System

One of the first types of heat exchangers to first gain prominence in electrical thermal management were heat pipe-based heat exchangers. These are highly efficient heat exchangers that are designed to transfer electrical waste using an eco-friendly fluid that flows freely and rapidly through a series of heat pipes. Over the years, the process of… Read more »