Heat Exchanger FAQs

• Q. How reliable are Compact Cabinet Coolers?
All finished units meet the military spec testing standard. Compact Cabinet Coolers are rated for 10 years of service and will probably outlast your equipment.

• Q. How long will the fans last?
The fans typically last 7 to 10 years. After 5 years they may begin to be noisy. That’s why we recommend replacing the fans after 4 years.

• Q. How easy is it to install a Compact Cabinet Cooler?
Installation usually requires only one person. There is no need for separate electrical circuits, power supplies, drip or condensation lines.

• Q. How does a Compact Cabinet Cooler work?
The Compact Cabinet Cooler is a heat exchanger. The interior fan draws air heated by the electronics over the inside half of the Compact Cabinet Cooler’s Heat Pipe core. The Heat Pipe core absorbs the heat from the air and transfers the heat to the outside half of the core, where it is removed with outside ambient air circulated by the exterior fan. The inside fan blows the cooled air toward the electronic components to cool them.

• Q. Where can a Compact Cabinet Cooler be mounted in the cabinet?
Mounting is possible both internally and externally, horizontally or vertically. Compact Cabinet Coolers mount on any surface, including doors. Mounting near the top of the cabinet is recommended for the most efficient performance.

• Q. How much space does the CCC take up inside the cabinet?
Flush mount units take up no space inside the cabinet. The UL / DC fan versions have a small junction box that may extend into the cabinet, depending on the model. Drop-in units protrude from 5-3/4” up to 15” into the cabinet, depending on the model. We also offer a line of internal mount units.

• Q. What is the best way to mount a CCC?
The installation should provide for unrestricted flow of air both inside and outside the panel; 6-8” of clearance from obstacles is recommended. Generally, cabinet coolers work best when mounted at least midway high on the panel.

• Q. Can air to air units be mounted upside down?
No. Among other design reasons, the heat pipe core would have to fight against gravity, greatly reducing effective heat removal.

• Q. Can air to water units be mounted upside down?
No. Air to water units are designed to mount vertically on the side, front or rear of the cabinet. Horizontal installs are possible with a modification from the factory only. Do not mount air to water units on top of your cabinet.

• Q. Can air to water units be used outdoors?
Yes. If installed in freezing temperatures the air to water units must be winterized when non operational (see details on this page).

• Q. Does altitude degrade the CCC?
Yes, to some degree above 5000 ft. Sales can provide guidance for you.

• Q. How much energy does the Compact Cabinet Cooler use?
Our units draw very low amperage. Typically 2.4 Amps maximum to as low as 0.2 Amps at 115 VAC. See our website for line card and comparison charts.

• Q. Do Compact Cabinet Coolers have a Freon compressor?
No, Noren Compact Cabinet Coolers do not. We use our heat pipe technology in the Air-to-Air heat exchangers to remove heat from inside to the outside while maintaining the seal of the enclosure. Air-to-Water models use piped water.

• Q. What voltages are available?
Our standard is 115 VAC. In addition, we offer 230 VAC and 12, 24 and 48 VDC.

• Q. Do you have type 316 Stainless?
Yes. Compact Cabinet Coolers are available in type 316 Stainless Steel. This will add some lead time.

• Q. Is maintenance of the CCC difficult?
No, we typically recommend changing the fans every 4 to 6 years.

• Q. Can units be shipped out of the country?
Yes, and cUL and CE rated units are available upon request.

Custom Thermal Solution FAQs

• Q. Can Noren design a thermal solution for an existing product or does the whole thing need to be re-designed?
Most of the time we can work within the parameters of an existing design.

• Q. Will I have to use Noren for the manufacturing of the thermal solution if I have them design it?
No, however we do have the capability for large scale production. Plus our testing and yield standards are extremely high so you’re guaranteed high performance parts.

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