Filter kits and fans for Noren heat exchangers.


Filter Kits

Noren heat exchanger filter kits are designed to bolt directly to Noren heat exchangers and prevent dirt and dust from building up on the heat exchanger core.

Reusable aluminum filters are designed to be washed and reused.

Disposable poly filters are designed to be used for up to twelve months (depending on the amount of dirt and dust in the environment), then discarded and replaced.


Replacement heat exchanger fans can be ordered through our sales department. Standard fans are typically used in applications where there is a little to no chance of exposure to moisture or water. Universal fans are wet location fans that can be used in different environments. These typically have encapsulated motors. Non-standard fans are wash-down fans that are used in applications where the environment is damp.

Fan Voltage Chart

4″ Fans
Part#VoltageCurrent (A)Part#VoltageCurrent (A)Part#VoltageCurrent (A)
4B054115 VAC0.164B074115 VAC0.254B057115 VAC0.23
4B055230 VAC0.084B075230 VAC0.124B058230 VAC0.12
4B06512 VDC1.24B07112 VDC1.924B02912 VDC0.8
4B06224 VDC0.64B07224 VDC0.934B07024 VDC0.6
4B06148 VDC0.334B07348 VDC0.494B06048 VDC0.33
6″ Fans
Part#VoltageCurrent (A)Part#VoltageCurrent (A)Part#VoltageCurrent (A)
6B071115 VAC0.236B089115 VAC0.366B077115 VAC0.25
6B076230 VAC0.116B090230 VAC0.196B065230 VAC0.12
6B01112 VDC1.226B08612 VDC1.876B08512 VDC1.85
6B08124 VDC1.26B08724 VDC1.326B09524 VDC1.2
6B01448 VDC0.426B08848 VDC0.66B07848 VDC0.8


Noren’s specially designed gaskets allow our heat exchangers to maintain an air tight seal, preventing contamination in the control panel and uphold various UL and NEMA integrity standards. We use high-quality neoprene seals to facilitate this process.

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