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We have a new color!

It’s been 55 years since we began our journey!

For 55 years, Noren has designed innovative, eco-friendly thermal solutions that proactively regulate temperatures and protect sensitive technology from harmful conditions.

As we mark our 55th year in business, we at Noren Thermal Solutions would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers for their enduring loyalty and support.

Thanks to the unwavering support of our loyal customers and dedicated team members, we’ve seen remarkable growth, overcome numerous challenges, and reached many significant milestones. This anniversary serves as a moment to both celebrate our accomplishments and set our sights on the promising future ahead.

Thanks to our devoted customers, we’re celebrating 55 years of delivering expert thermal solutions!

Noren Thermal Solutions

Testimonials from our loyal customers

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"The most important thing about acquiring Noren products is the reliability we have when assembling them in our equipment, their efficiency is really good and their operation and installation fits perfectly to our production process, we are very pleased with their compliance with the delivery dates and seriousness with the prices."
Valentina Villa, Clesus
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"Congratulations to the NOREN company on their #55th anniversary! Five and a half decades of success, innovation and commitment are remarkable achievements. That they continue to reap successes and leave a positive mark on the business world. Let's toast to many more years of prosperity and growth together!"
William Castro, Becor

Our journey

With over a half century of experience in thermal solutions, our team of highly skilled engineers is well equipped to address any issues related to equipment overheating