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Design & Analysis

The CTS Team at Noren has 40+ years of experience in heat transfer design and analysis. Our Thermal analysts are technical leaders in the thermal management industry and offer feasibility studies to evaluate potential thermal management solutions for your custom needs. With decades of experience and dedicated resources for Research and Development Noren delivers the best performance solutions for a variety of industry applications.

Using the latest CFD and FEA software, Noren’s expertise can efficiently design and optimize solutions over a wide range of applications. Noren can engineer solutions for good thermal design input which shortens the design process, decreases prototyping costs and accelerates time to market. We have developed concepts, produced design alternatives, analyzed the most promising designs, completed engineering drawings, and produced numerous working prototypes. We strive to meet your needs with quality prototypes and quick turn around times.

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    Noren thermal solutions are designed to cool overheating electronics in a variety of industries and applications. Check out our PRODUCTS section for more information.

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