Keeping Electrical Enclosures Cool

Taylor, TX, Electrical EnclosuresIf you are in charge of an operation that relies upon electrical wiring and circuitry, you probably rely on enclosure cabinets to protect your equipment. These useful organizational tools hold your electrical components as well as keep out any environmental hazards that can damage them. By shutting their door, you prevent water damage from seeping in. Creatures that may otherwise chew through wiring or form nests are kept out also. However, by closing these spaces off from the rest of your building, you prevent the waste heat that your machines generate from dissipating into the general air. This can greatly increase temperatures around your sensitive equipment beyond what they can handle. To prevent overheating or other damage to your applications, we can provide an air-to-air cooler that helps you manage heat waste without requiring significant energy inputs. This saves your bottom line compared to traditional air conditioning options while maintaining your electronics. To fit several configurations, we provide coolers that attach both on top or the side of your cabinets.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we know that managing heat waste may not be your area of expertise. That is why we have been partnering with companies like yours for over fifty years to provide our expert thermal management advice. We can take a look at your current enclosure setup or help design a new one from the ground up. In addition to our consulting services, we offer a diverse product line to help make your thermal management designs a reality. By understanding how ambient cooling systems operate, you can select a system that best protects your equipment.


Cold Plates Keep Your Equipment Cool

Taylor, TX, Cold PlatesWhen you own or operate your own business, you understand the importance of protecting your equipment. If your electronics generate a significant amount of heat waste, implementing a thermal management system that transfers excess temperatures to a safer location is critical. This foresight prevents dangerous overheating situations that can cause your operations to lag at best or potentially harm employees at worst. Because designing and managing systems that keep your applications cool may not be your area of expertise, speak to an expert team of consultants who can help you get the job done. Whether designing an entirely new system or seeking advice on the current performance of your existing system, we have you covered. We can discuss methods such as cold plates and heat sinks that help you store and transport heat waste. When you learn how cost-effective these methods can be compared to traditional air-conditioning, you will be glad you made the call!

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have more than fifty years of experience helping businesses just like yours control their excess temperatures. If you are looking to expand your current operation, we can help you take into account factors that could lead to overheating with your equipment. We will inspect your current designs and provide advice on products that can best protect your waste heat-generating application. By combining a cold plate with the help of a heat sink, you can enjoy a passive transfer of heat waste that helps you save on your energy bills.


Protecting Your Electronics With The Help Of Heat Sinks

Taylor, TX, Heat SinksAs more and more of your operation relies on sensitive electronics to perform critical processes, protecting your electronics from heat waste becomes a top priority. If you own your own business, you understand that preventing overheating or other hazardous situations is critical to maintaining your bottom line. When electronics are destroyed by fire, waiting on replacement parts can become a rather expensive endeavor. In today’s market, there is not even a guarantee that you can access the chips you need. That means that taking time to install heat sinks that transfer excess heat to a safer location will prevent situations that lag your processors.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have over fifty years of experience helping companies like yours protect their infrastructure from the threat of heat waste. That means that keeping equipment cool is our priority. By consulting with our team, you can get back to doing what it is you do best. By exploring thermal management techniques such as the installation of copper heat sinks, you can safely store excess temperatures so that your electronics continue operating efficiently.


Keeping Temperatures In Line With Custom Heat Exchangers

Taylor, TX, Heat ExchangersWhen your business relies on sensitive electronics to manage your day-to-day operations, keeping them cool is a high priority. These machines produce vast quantities of excess heat waste, and without proper planning, risk overheating or causing hazardous fires. By implementing a custom thermal management system, you can prevent the need for costly repairs or unproductive downtime that comes with an electrical fire. Although traditional air conditioners can get the job done, they quickly drive up energy costs as electrical requirements go up to match the excess heat production. With a custom alternative, we can take advantage of passive technologies that transfer heat to safer locations without the need for additional electricity. If you would like to learn more about an ambient cooling unit, and how they can be customized to fit your applications, speak with one of our representatives today!

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have been in business for over 50 years helping companies like yours take on the daily challenges of keeping sensitive equipment cool. When you meet with our consultants, we analyze your current thermal management systems to identify areas for improvement. We also help design entirely new systems from the ground up. Whether you are looking for advice on your current arrangements or would like to take advantage of our modern product line, we can provide a custom heat exchanger that best protects your equipment. With flush-mount and drop-in designs, we attach air-to-air units to any configuration of electrical cabinetry.


Protecting Your Data Servers From Heat Waste

Taylor, TX, Data ServersIf you own or operate a business that manages its data centers, you know that keeping them in the proper temperatures is critical to ongoing operations. Failure to maintain an effective thermal management system can lead to problems with overheating that cause lag or outright system failure. When your computer equipment fails, the productivity of your workers grinds to a halt as they wait for repairs to be performed. This can lead to days or weeks of inactivity. That is if you can even get the replacement parts necessary to replace damaged chipsets. To stop this from occurring before it even starts, talk to a thermal management expert about protecting your data centers from hazardous overheating events. We can help you cycle air away from electrical enclosures and to safer locations where your equipment is not affected.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we help companies like yours protect their data servers so you can get back to doing what it is you do best. We have over half a century of experience creating custom solutions for all manner of equipment configurations. That is why we combine consulting services with an extensive product line to address any number of unique temperature management needs. If you are looking to expand your current server architecture or would simply like to review your existing system, give us a call!


Enjoy Energy Savings With Passive Heat Exchangers

Businessmen Discussing Passive Heat ExchangersWhen you own your own company, discovering saving opportunities is always on your mind. This means that any technology that offers a significant reduction for your energy bills can be quite attractive. When it comes to thermal management, passive heat exchangers allow you to protect sensitive electronics without inflating your bills. With traditional air conditioning methods, expanding your servers generally expands your electrical needs, but our air-to-water systems can transfer your waste heat in a closed-loop system. By installing a set of heat pipes, a liquid can absorb heat from the air near your equipment, turning to gas to travel safely elsewhere. When the gas cools back to liquid, the process begins again without the need for an outside energy source.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we are always looking for methods to help our clients save. This means finding alternatives for active cooling methods when controlling temperatures for your computer equipment. We have been in business for over fifty years helping companies like yours with products such as our heat pipes and heat sinks. We can consult on your existing applications or begin the design process from the bottom up when creating entirely new configurations.


Protecting Vital Equipment With Cold Plates

woman at computerIf you operate a business that relies on equipment prone to overheating, managing your thermal waste output becomes a primary concern. Failing to plan for excessive temperatures can lead to dangerous situations that affect your bottom line and the safety of your employees. By working with a team that can help transport your heat waste to safer locations, you can protect your machinery and prevent predictable consequences. Because the cost and time to repair overheated equipment can become a real drain on your operation, consider the use of cold plates for storing and transporting waste energy. This passive form of heat exchange allows you to transfer cooling without wildly increasing your cooling costs. Compared to a traditional air-conditioning system, our technology can save you big bucks.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have over half a century of experience helping companies like yours plan for expansion. By taking into consideration all factors that could lead to heat damaging your equipment, we make custom recommendations on how to best protect your applications. While safeguarding your systems may not be your specialty, we can help you achieve this end when it is your goal. Combining our cold plate technology with heat sinks provides a powerful method for transferring heat waste safely and productively.


Cooling Your Electronic Equipment With Heat Sinks

closeup of heat sinkWhen you own or operate your own business, you understand how important thermal management systems are for staying operational. These technologies help you keep your vital electronic equipment in the ideal temperature ranges to operate effectively. If you are planning on expanding your computer or circuit applications, work with a member of our team to plan the scaling of your current thermal management system. We could provide advice on augmenting your existing setup or help you design an entirely new set of heat exchangers. When you take the time to prepare for your growth, you prevent hazardous overheating situations as well as costly lag and downtime when equipment is damaged.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, keeping equipment cool is our expertise. That’s why we tackle a variety of conditions that require expert planning to manage. We know that installing machines like heat sinks may not be your main priority, which is why we highlight their need to let you get back to doing what it is you do best. When you see how we protect your electronics, you will feel confident that your machinery is well protected.


Using Custom Heat Exchangers To Manage Thermal Waste

Heat exchanger shell and tube repairing in factories of petrochemical industrialIf you own or operate a business that relies on sensitive electrical equipment, you understand that thermal management is key to preventing costly and hazardous overheating situations. While there are a variety of options available to help you keep your temperatures within a specific range, ambient cooling can preserve your applications without the need for extensive energy inputs. Traditional air conditioning systems can skyrocket your energy bill as your cooling needs increase, but with a custom heat exchanger, you can move heat waste more efficiently. Our ambient cooling units transfer warm air inside your electrical cabinets to a safer location where there is no contribution toward overheating.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we understand that thermal management may not be your area of expertise. That is why we have made it ours for over half a century, helping companies like yours get back to focusing on what it is you do best. When you schedule a consultation with our team, we can evaluate your existing thermal management technology or help you design an entirely new system from the ground up. We combine our design services with a vast product line that can be customized to almost any configuration of machinery you have in practice. With custom heat exchangers like our air-to-air flush-mount and drop-in designs, we can fit whatever electrical enclosures you have in your current operation.


Protecting Electrical Cabinets With Air-To-Air Cooling

The man is repairing the switchboard voltage with automatic switches. Electrical backgroundWhen your operation counts on electrical enclosures to safeguard sensitive circuitry and wiring, you understand how important they are to properly maintain. These cabinets help keep out liquids that threaten short-circuiting your equipment as well as invasive creatures that can nest inside. Left open, an enclosure could allow animals like squirrels to chew through wiring, doing an unfortunate amount of damage and leading to rapid work stoppages. But by closing off your cabinets, the waste heat that would dissipate to safer parts of your building now stays near its source. This means that without effective cooling, your applications can begin to overheat. To maintain your circuitry in the appropriate temperature ranges, explore air-to-air options for ambient cooling. These convenient products attach directly on top or the side of your cabinet to direct excess heat to a different location.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we understand that the maintenance of excess heat waste may not be your area of expertise. That’s why we concentrate on easy-to-implement thermal management systems that allow you to get back to doing what you do best. We have more than half a century of experience working with companies like yours across a vast array of industries. If you are designing a new plant, we offer consulting services to help plan your heat management processes. We also sell products that help you make these plans a reality. When you learn about how ambient cooling can protect your electronics, you can place faith in your enclosures.