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The Role Of Precision In Medical Apps

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While it may become clear that regulating internal application temperatures is necessary for consistent and optimal function, it may not be as easily or clear to identify what your solution options are. Indeed, various heat exchangers such as heat sinks, pipes, cold plates, and more offer great benefits for various industries, but how exactly can… Read more »

Versatile Thermal Management Options For Medical Equipment

It goes without saying that many industries rely heavily on their equipment to accomplish the goals of the business. With waste water, technology needs to perform without fear of water damaging applications. With Oil & Gas, equipment must sustain function in extreme environments, and so on. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions… Read more »

Do Medical Devices Use Heat Exchangers?

Technology has always impacted the medical industry differently than others. For example, given the complexity of the industry and the interconnectedness of different organizations, healthcare has typically been slower than other fields to fully adopt certain technologies. At the same time, some of the most advanced technological innovations break ground in the medical field, where… Read more »

How Heat Exchangers Help Bring Advanced Technology to Medicine

While the medical field isn’t always the first to widely adopt new technology, there’s been a surge of technological innovation lately spurred by a need to improve patient care and dramatically reduce health care costs. Like most other technologies, advanced thermal management solutions (often in the form of heat exchangers) are vital for advanced medical… Read more »

Could Heat Exchangers Help Impact Rising Medical Costs?

These days, every industry feels the pressure of rising costs across the board, from energy and operating costs to raw materials and labor. However, few industries compare to the skyrocketing prices that ripple throughout the healthcare industry, which is why it is one of the most important fields in which to implement more efficient, reliable,… Read more »

Why Medical Devices Use Heat Exchangers

Like most technologies, the result of advanced medical devices is that they’ve grown smaller as they grow more powerful. Advanced technology has also become a significant part of healthcare and treatment for most patients today, making it increasingly more important to overall public health. The difference between medical devices and other technologies, however, is that… Read more »

High-Performance Heat Transfer for Modern Medical Devices

The unprecedented power of today’s medical devices is a testament to the advancement in computing technology we’ve enjoyed over the last several decades. However, it has also been a particularly pressing challenge for thermal engineers tasked with developing thermal management systems that can keep up. On one hand, medical devices evolve by becoming smaller and… Read more »

The Role of Technology in Reducing Medical Costs

Today’s medical facilities are stocked with devices and technology that most of us can’t even name. For hospitals, providers, and medical device companies, most of that technology is designed with as much focus on improving patient care as it is on controlling the skyrocketing costs of health care. From high-performance diagnostic devices to large, complex… Read more »

Thermal Management Challenges for Medical Devices

Technology has revolutionized how every industry operates, and in many ways, that change is felt most potently in the medical field. From advanced imaging devices to laser diagnostics and surgery, nearly every aspect of health care has been streamlined and improved with the help of technology. To help propel this advancement, Noren’s experts have spent… Read more »

Cooling Medical Technology Better With Heat Exchangers

The performance of any technology is judged by its ability to operate smoothly and continuously. As one of the most consistent threats to that performance, electrical waste heat is a challenge no matter what the technology is used for. However, when it comes to medical equipment, properly operating technology is more important than in many… Read more »