January 8th, 2024

10:30 a.m. CST.

Noren is excited to host a webinar showcasing their expertise in Heat Exchanger technology, particularly focusing on its application in the USA. The session will feature Noren’s specialists, who will delve into the intricacies of Heat Exchanger technology, emphasizing its superiority in preventing control panel overheating.

This event will be broadcast throughout the USA, the manufacturing hub for Noren’s Heat Exchangers. The webinar aims to connect with potential customers, imparting valuable insights into thermal technology and its role in enhancing efficiency across various industries. Noren’s commitment is to surpass customer expectations by ensuring their electrical equipment remains operational and efficient.

Meet the team

Hector Hernandez
Lead Engineer

Hector Hernandez is a seasoned engineer specializing in heat exchanger technology and custom thermal solutions. His expertise in these areas has significantly contributed to the design and development of innovative thermal solutions.

Ray Belardo
Sales Manager

Ray Belardo has extensive experience managing Noren’s product lines and sales strategies. His profound knowledge and skills make him an essential element in driving the company’s success in the market.

Stephen Aaron

Stephen Aaron, popularly known as Steve, is a proficient salesman who effectively covers 26 states across the United States and Canada. His impressive ability to connect with clients and understand their needs has made him an asset in expanding the company’s reach.