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Can Heat Exchangers Work in Locations that Are Hazardous?

The more companies have benefited from modern heat exchangers, the more popular the innovative thermal solutions have become in virtually all industries. In areas from manufacturing to food and beverage production, and more, companies have been able to lower costs, improve productivity, and completely streamline their electrical thermal management systems. For some industries, however, the… Read more »

What Makes Heat Exchangers So Attractive to Modern Companies

The fact that heat exchangers are popular isn’t the only reason why increasingly more companies are benefiting from the advent of heat exchangers. The main reason is because of the many different advantages that they experience thanks to the incredibly streamlined thermal management capabilities of modern heat exchangers. Designed to eliminate vast amounts of electrical… Read more »

How 3D Printing Streamlines Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

As heat exchangers have advanced over the decades, they’ve taken on increasingly more roles in an ever-wider range of thermal management applications. That means manufacturers have learned to create an expansive range of heat exchanger types, each designed to accommodate the specific needs of certain, sometimes unique, applications. In the quest to continuously evolve their… Read more »

Thermal Management – A Step Toward Eco-Friendly Operations

Of the many different areas where modern companies seek to be more eco-friendly, electrical thermal management is one of the more significant arenas. Nearly every company in every industry relies on technology to some degree. The solutions they utilize to maintain that technology’s operations, including its electrical thermal management solutions, play a significant role in… Read more »

Can Heat Exchangers Work in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Once companies began transforming their electrical cooling operations with the use of heat exchangers, the benefits of the innovative thermal management solutions became glaringly obvious. However, becoming a cornerstone of manufacturing and other technologies hasn’t always been easy. For instance, some operations still required cooling solutions that provided temperatures well below ambient temperatures, and therefore,… Read more »

Reducing Maintenance Costs with Better Thermal Management

When it comes to consistently cooling electrical equipment, routine maintenance and repairs are vital. Thermal management prevents technology from overheating, and therefore, they prevent entire systems from crashing and having to be shut down for more extensive repairs or replacement. Therefore, preventing thermal management failures and hiccups is paramount for a company to keep its… Read more »

Making Below-Ambient Cooling Easier with Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers became popular as a more affordable and eco-friendly solution than air conditioners for electrical thermal management. They achieve these benefits by eliminating the need to chill air with complex air-conditioning equipment, using simpler methods to transfer heat and prevent electrical overheating. However, there are many applications where chilled air is necessary to properly… Read more »

Benefiting from Greener Thermal Management

Thermal management was one of the first areas in which technological innovation meant greener, more efficient operations for most industries. That’s because most industries rely on advanced technology, and creating more efficient and eco-friendly electrical cooling with heat exchangers instead of air conditioners benefited all of them. Today, those benefits continue to multiply as companies… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Benefits from Heat Exchangers

Like many other manufacturing processes, pharmaceutical manufacturing involves several different thermal management challenges. The most common is the need to efficiently and reliably keep advanced technology and equipment properly cooled so they don’t overheat and malfunction or break down altogether. However, the unique nature of pharmaceutical products also comes with several unique challenges for ensuring… Read more »

Cooling Modern Electrical Cabinets

With so many advances in technology, especially in the manufacturing industry, streamlined thermal management can sometimes be overlooked. Compared to digital interfaces and automated technology, a sleeker and more efficient way to cool electrical cabinets doesn’t seem as attention-grabbing. However, such solutions are a significant reason why industries have been able to implement other technological… Read more »