Designing the Most Efficient Thermal Management Solutions

If you compare heat exchangers to other options, like air conditioners or air compressors, it is obvious that heat exchangers are often the most efficient solution. However, when you compare heat exchangers to heat exchangers (such as air-to-air units and air-to-water units), the advantages of one design over another may not be immediately obvious. Choosing the most efficient thermal management solution depends on the specifics of any given application, such as operating requirements and the location where the application will be employed. (more…)

When Ambient Heat Exchangers Work Best

Technology these days is a lot more resilient than it used to be. For instance, high-performance computers and manufacturing equipment often don’t need to be chilled in order to continue working properly. While overheating is still a serious concern, most modern electrical equipment can operate optimally in ambient temperatures. As long as they are safe from environmental contamination, electrical enclosures only need to be cooled enough to prevent heat pockets from forming near sensitive electrical equipment. Therefore, ambient heat exchangers work best for a wide variety of applications in an equally wide variety of industries. (more…)

More Efficient Cooling for Power Plants

Some industries may never interact with certain others, but power production is an industry that all others rely on. While power plants across the nation employ a variety of methods to produce and deliver power, they all rely on efficient thermal management solutions to ensure their continued operation. In many locations, those solutions come in the form of high-temperature heat exchangers. From cooling the electrical enclosures, bearings, and lubricants in generators to maintaining fluid temperatures during certain processes, Noren’s heat exchangers help ensure that power plants continue running smoothly. (more…)

How Heat Exchangers Help Computers Advance

Computers are the cornerstone of technological advancement, and as such, they come in all shapes and sizes, and with a wide variety of specifications and purposes. What all computers share, however, is a need for efficient thermal management solutions that can adapt to their changing needs. Today, that often means a combination of heat exchangers, which can be custom-designed to meet most computer applications and fit into virtually any design. With increasingly smaller and more versatile computer designs, heat exchangers have become an important component in their continued advancement. (more…)

Do Heat Exchangers Count as Green Energy?

For companies that wish to lower their environmental footprint, relying on old thermal management methods like air conditioning can significantly hinder their efforts. Fortunately, there is a much more efficient solution with the use of advanced heat exchangers. Unlike air conditioning, which relies on significant amounts of energy to stay running and can release a number of pollutants into the air, heat exchangers are designed to use minimal energy, with no harmful output. (more…)

What Can a Feasibility Study Tell You?

Noren Thermal has built and maintained a reputation of excellence over the last 40 years when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and improving thermal management solutions. Today, that reputation continues and has expanded thanks to the success of Noren’s wide range of advanced electrical cooling solutions. Much of that success relies on our expertise in heat exchanger design and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, which allow us to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies of every design. A feasibility study can tell you everything you need to know about how your heat exchangers will fit so appropriate adjustments can be made before the final product is created. (more…)

Thermal Management Challenges for Medical Devices

Technology has revolutionized how every industry operates, and in many ways, that change is felt most potently in the medical field. From advanced imaging devices to laser diagnostics and surgery, nearly every aspect of health care has been streamlined and improved with the help of technology. To help propel this advancement, Noren’s experts have spent decades innovating and improving thermal management solutions that help medical devices of all kinds, shapes, and sizes operate with optimal efficiency and reliability. (more…)

Increased Productivity Starts with Better Thermal Management

Reducing overhead and improving productivity are continuous goals for any company, and finding more efficient thermal management solutions is one of the most overlooked areas to begin. Large equipment, electrical control panels, automated technology, and even certain manufacturing processes all rely on thermal management, often in the form of air conditioning. By relying more on innovative heat exchanger technology, companies can see significant savings in their overall operating costs, as well as units that operate smoother and for much longer than other options. (more…)

A Brief Look at How Heat Exchangers Work

The good thing about heat exchangers is that they can be crafted and adapted to fit virtually any electrical enclosure. Yet, every system is different, and therefore, heat exchangers must be designed in a variety of different ways to effectively meet each application’s needs. At Noren, our experts specialize in creating thermal management solutions that operate optimally in any given situation. For instance, our air-to-air and air-to-water heat exchangers are certified to operate in a diverse range of conditions, and are manufactured to continue working much longer than more traditional cabinet cooling methods. (more…)

Important Reasons to Upgrade to Industrial Heat Exchangers

Manufacturing equipment varies from industry to industry, and even further from organization to organization, in everything from the size and capacity of control panels to the circuits in each piece of machinery. Nevertheless, companies across all industries are increasingly recognizing the importance of upgrading their thermal management systems to more efficient heat exchangers. For over four decades, Noren has continued to provide a wide range of heat exchangers to help clients in every industry reduce the costs and manpower needed to keep their operations running. (more…)