What Is Phase-Change Cooling Technology?

All matter possesses internal energy at a molecular level. When matter changes phases, the enormous amount of energy that its molecules produce is manifested as heat. For example, heat of fusion occurs when a solid changes to a liquid (absorbing energy), and vice versa (releasing energy). Heat of vaporization occurs when a liquid changes to a gas (absorbing energy), and vice versa (releasing energy). Phase-change cooling takes advantage of latent heat vaporization to transfer and dissipate the thermal energy that electrical systems produce. As technology improves and components continue to shrink, phase-change cooling is becoming increasingly more important to keep advanced systems from overheating while minimizing the space needed for effective thermal management. (more…)

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers Cool Electrical Panels More Efficiently

Technology takes energy, and as such, it produces heat. Like an engine in your car, the circuit boards and electrical panels that power today’s tools and toys all generate waste heat. At Noren, our mission is to custom-design effective thermal management solutions on all scales to keep our clients’ systems running smoothly and efficiently. Those solutions include air-to-air heat exchangers for electrical enclosures, which serve as greener alternatives to traditional compressed air coolers. (more…)

Thermal Management Makes the World Go ‘Round

Thermal management solutions (like heat exchangers) aren’t typically household terms, but they power the products and services that make our world what it is today. From refrigerators, computers, and cellphones to oil & gas, automation, and more, effective thermal solutions ensure that the technology we rely on continue to work safely and efficiently. At Noren Thermal, we’ve made effective, eco-friendly thermal solutions our forte, including custom-designed thermal management products and advanced design/manufacturing services. (more…)