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Protect Your Production With Quality Thermal Management

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Thermal management is a need across industries, and if you fail to handle your heat, you could be in for some real trouble. Equipment and enclosures of all sizes rely on effective thermal transfer and exchange, so as a business owner or operator, you need to be on top of things. for this reason, it… Read more »

Application Cooling For Oil And Gas

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When it comes to working in the energy sector, thermal management is critical to ensuring your operation runs smoothly. Cost-effective solutions to dissipating heat allow you to optimize for durability and performance when producing oil and gas. As production in North America continues to increase, you can expect your thermal management needs to increase as… Read more »

A New Era In Oil And Gas

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Energy production is a hot topic right now for the general public. If you work in this sector, then you understand the necessity of the oil and gas industry. Demand for energy is only increasing, and so solutions are necessary on multiple fronts. The petroleum sector is vital to our ability to continue production as… Read more »

Heat Exchange Value For The Field

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Certain professions need to exist outdoors in order to thrive. Agriculture is often a messy industry, where the durability of equipment is crucial to the success of a company and their bottom line. Stay in the black with a heat exchange management system from Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX.  Hazardous locations can create headaches… Read more »

Application Cooling In Hazardous Conditions

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Whether you are working with automated machinery or highly specialized industrial applications, one thing remains certain: you will need to make considerations for your thermal management capabilities. Indeed, devices can range significantly in terms of dimensions, purposes, goals, and more, but the biggest threat to each one is still going to be overheating. In environments… Read more »

Precise Cooling In Hazardous Locations


When you rely on sufficient cooling capabilities to keep your company running, you need to be confident that your thermal management needs are being met — regardless of the location. Thermal management is always essential and requires precisely designed and installed equipment, but this is easier to do in a temperature-controlled facility. In a hazardous… Read more »

Custom Solutions For HazLoc Apps

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In our most recent blog, we took a look at the many ways electrical panels protect your sensitive electronics. We also discussed how, because of the nature of their design, electrical panels required thermal solutions like heat exchangers to help remove waste heat that gathers naturally within the panel. Indeed, thermal management is a must… Read more »

Solutions For Hazardous Locations

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Not every working environment is ideal for staff and applications alike. While a person may be able to withstand specific temperature ranges and fields, many standard applications may have a lot of trouble operating to their capacity in such an environment. For example, military equipment must be able to withstand tough conditions so as to… Read more »

Thermal Needs In Hazardous Locations

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Your thermal management needs must be met in any location. Whether your operations take place in a temperature-controlled warehouse or they are in an arid oil field, you need to rest easy knowing that your cooling capabilities are working precisely as they should. In addition to expecting reliable quality, you shouldn’t have to go over… Read more »

Challenges Faced By Oil & Gas

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When operating a company within a particular field of work, it goes without saying that the considerations that must be made are anything but linear. Indeed, your top priority may be to maintain consistent yields and production, or it could even be to ensure proper thermal regulation so applications do not overheat. Accomplishing these feats… Read more »