Precise Cooling In Hazardous Locations

HazLocWhen you rely on sufficient cooling capabilities to keep your company running, you need to be confident that your thermal management needs are being met — regardless of the location. Thermal management is always essential and requires precisely designed and installed equipment, but this is easier to do in a temperature-controlled facility. In a hazardous location, like an oil and gas field, not only is it more difficult to have your thermal management needs met, but you have to pay extra mind to the safety of your operation. While this can be trickier to facilitate, you should still expect top-notch quality without breaking the budget to keep your crucial equipment cool. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX talks about the importance of custom cooling solutions in hazardous locations.

Safety Is Paramount

When it comes to extracting and gathering natural resources, safety is the utmost priority. As the only manufacturer of heat exchangers that are UL certified for ATEX and IECEx, we work closely with those in the oil and gas field, and through this experience, we understand that this industry has inherent safety risks. With this in mind, your cooling solutions must help minimize damage at every possible step. We approach the safety of your business and employees by utilizing efficient methods and practices that can help keep your team protected while still getting the best possible results from your equipment. Our advanced, custom cooling solutions maximize efficiencies, providing a higher ROI. At the same time, we also design our products to help extend the life of your existing equipment, saving you money in the long run. You need to trust that your thermal management systems are dependable in every situation, and our products are proven to hold up, protecting your team and also keeping overhead lower.

Dependability No Matter What

In addition to safety, when you are working in a hazardous location, you need dependability from your equipment. Overheating can derail your entire operation, losing you valuable time and resources. To minimize the chances of anything going off track, your thermal solutions need to account for your specific needs. Even in the specialized industry that is working with Gas and Oil, no two companies will have the same requirements for their cooling solutions. Because of this, you need custom thermal management systems that meet your unique requirements. Our custom solutions are designed for you, specifically, taking into account your location, equipment, and a variety of other specifications. 

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