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Cold Plate Heat Exchangers from Noren Thermal

In the world of heat exchanger technology, optimal performance relies on expert custom design. Sometimes, that means modifying certain aspects of common heat exchangers to fit the specifications of a unique design, or custom-designing thermal management solutions to ensure that unique applications’ needs are met. For instance, Noren Thermal has helped clients find optimal thermal management… Read more »

More Efficient Cooling with Cold Plates

The science of transferring and dissipating electrical waste heat has advanced significantly over the last several decades. With a wide variety of heat exchangers and spreaders taking the place of more expensive (and less reliable) solutions like air conditioning, companies can significantly improve productivity and streamline their operations. Among this variety, cold plates are often… Read more »

The Difference Between Heat Pipes and Cold Plates

When it comes to thermal management for advanced technology, there are several efficient, high-performance options to choose from, such as heat pipes and cold plates. The most appropriate solution depends on a given system’s unique specifications, though both options can offer a wealth of savings in costs, energy consumption, and footprint. At Noren Thermal, our… Read more »

How Do Cold Plates Work?

Today’s most demanding, high-performance electrical and technological applications were made possible largely due to innovative thermal management techniques. In applications where power output is high and space is limited, cold plates have become vital for their combination of high thermal conductivity and compact design. At Noren Thermal, we specialize in providing the most efficient solutions… Read more »