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High Performance Thermal Regulation with Cold Plates

Standard heat exchangers used to not always be the primary way of managing thermal dispersment. In fact, when they first were introduced, they quickly rose in popularity for being able to provide a number of industries more options for their thermal management endeavors. With customization and a thorough understanding of the different needs of many… Read more »

How Cold Plates Boost Thermal Management Efficiency

Companies in most industries haven’t always had a wide range of choices when it comes to their electrical thermal management solutions. Traditionally, the most commonly implemented solutions were those that involved the use of cold air to stop electrical heat from accumulating into heat pockets. With the use of air conditioning, air compression, and similar… Read more »

How Cold Plates Became High-Performance Cooling Solutions

Some heat exchangers are designed to handle the common thermal management needs of companies in most modern industries. The streamlined way in which they prevent electrical overheating can be adapted to handle most electrical cooling needs with optimal efficiency and productivity. Some heat exchanger designs, however, are made specifically to handle some of the more… Read more »

A Few Things to Know About Cold Plate Heat Exchangers

Before heat exchangers became popular, there were few choices in electrical cooling systems, especially for industrial uses. However, as soon as they were first introduced, heat exchangers became popular for giving companies and technology designers a broader choice in thermal management solutions. Since then, heat exchangers themselves have expanded to give companies an even broader… Read more »

The Industrial Uses of Cold Plate Heat Exchangers

Since their initial introduction to manufacturing and other industrial applications, heat exchangers have become an almost de facto choice for improved electrical thermal management. To meet the increasingly more demanding needs of advanced technologies, heat exchangers have also evolved to include several different styles and iterations, including customized cooling solutions designed specifically for innovative, unique… Read more »

A Glance at How Cold Plates Benefit Companies

Heat exchangers have evolved considerably since they first became popular in the realm of electrical thermal management. Today, companies have a wide range of options to choose from, including heat pipes or cold plates, each of which is designed to achieve optimal results according to the parameters of the applications for which their designed. For… Read more »

Cold Plate Heat Exchangers and Liquid Cooling

While modern heat exchangers have led the way for many different thermal management innovations, their unique air-cooling techniques haven’t been the only ones. In many high-performance, often groundbreaking applications, processes such as liquid cooling can often provide more satisfactory results. However, liquid cooling hasn’t typically been as widely available as more conventional heat exchangers. That’s… Read more »

Important Benefits of Custom Cold Plate Heat Exchangers

After becoming a staple of electrical enclosure cooling and other advanced thermal management processes, heat exchangers quickly became a catalyst for innovation. They gave designers and consumers of technology the ability to create and implement faster, more powerful, and more reliable thermal management solutions. Heat exchangers themselves also now come in a wide range of… Read more »

More Customized Liquid Cooling with Cold Plates

When heat exchangers first gained popularity as efficient electrical thermal management solutions, the most common types were ambient cooling units that utilized air-to-air heat transfer methods to eliminate waste heat. The process is one that costs significantly less in both money and energy when compared to previous solutions that used more conventional HVAC methods. Today,… Read more »

Cold Plates for Custom, Eco-Friendly Thermal Management

Cooling electrical enclosures may not seem like an area ripe for innovation, but not long ago, such electrical thermal management concerns were significant to companies in most industries. That’s because the most common thermal management solutions, such as air conditioners and compressed air units, were often costly and cumbersome to operate. However, they were necessary,… Read more »