High Performance Thermal Transfer With Cold Plates

Aluminum-copper heat sink plates for industrial electronics. Equipment for cooling electronic components.The ability to put on different hats to address a variety of unique needs is a necessary trait when it comes to temperature regulation in technological applications. The reason for this is that even though applications may all require the same need – proper thermal management – not all devices are created the same. This creates a major need for custom-tailored solutions that can optimize function and output, and having a variety of methods to do so goes a long way. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will address this need by discussing the benefits of one of our phase-change products, the cold plate.

Spanning Large Areas

It is no surprise that power densities per square inch is increasing while space allotted to house management solutions is forever decreasing, reflecting the needs of industries as technology continues to advance. To best accommodate this, devices must be created with the ability to address these needs and do so in an optimal manner, such as that of a cold plate.

To regulate temperatures, a cold plate solution consists of a plate made of typically aluminum that contains internal tubing to provide cooling as it absorbs the heat that is transferred by the transistors and other components that may be mounted atop it. Because it is relatively thin in width but can span distances in diameter, it offers a simple solution to your thermal management needs, all without having to utilize a significant amount of space or energy. For more information, contact our team today.

Cooling Utilizing Liquid

In addition to the traditional model, we also carry cold plates that utilize phase-change technology to transfer heat through the use of a liquid. They function in the same way, except they displace heat by utilizing a liquid to absorb the heat. Once the liquid has increased in temperature to the point of vaporization, the internal tubing allows the liquid-turned-vapor to remove the thermal energy away from the vaporizer and toward the condenser, where the vapor will begin to cool and thus return back to the liquid state. From here, the liquid repeats the cycle in a consistent fashion while effectively keeping your applications running optimally and efficiently. What’s more, because no excess chemicals or hazardous materials are utilized, a cold plate provides an eco-friendly solution to your thermal management needs.

Highly-Custom Solutions

Just as every individual person is different and requires different specific needs, so do your technological applications. For instance, a device utilized in the automation industry is going to have significantly different needs than one that is used in the aerospace industry, which is why customizability is the most valuable resource when it comes to thermal management.

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