Cold Plate Cooling For Various Needs

Industrial Robot Automation Production EquipmentFor many different industries, a common connection includes the need to manage equipment temperatures and consistent overall function. Indeed, many technological advances have paved the way for use of industrial applications, or devices that help promote production and productivity in a given environment. What’s more? Many other fields have become dependent on application use, which means the need to regulate conditions only continues to grow. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX explains how thermal solutions such as cold plates can be customized to suit your industry-specific needs.


It goes without saying that just as there are various specialized industries that aim to address unique needs, there are also highly-specific industrial application needs that must be addressed. In other words, you cannot simply expect a device to function at capacity for extended periods of time, as there are numerous circumstances that can influence this process.

A major influence to consider when servicing your industrial application includes the impact of your physical environment. For example, some fields are prone to extreme temperatures and conditions. If these factors are not considered, you will quickly endure the effects of premature overheating, system breakdown, and even permanent damage.

Though maintaining functional capabilities in any device is a must, not all equipment is well-equipped to benefit from just any heat exchanger. The same can be said for various thermal management solutions, and cold plates are no different.

In devices that contain motors, cold plate thermal management can provide direct cooling to ensure internal temps do not exceed a certain threshold. To learn more about this process and how our team can help you get started, give us a call today.

Automation Controls

Another area that can benefit from standard or liquid cold plates includes those that utilize automation to accomplish specific tasks. You see, automation is an umbrella terms used to describe a range of technologies that reduce human intervention in a specific process. For example, assembly lines that utilize robotic components are often the most known forms of automation, and the benefits of such practices vary from company to company.

With the help of cold plate solutions, your processes can continue to function without interruption. Speak to a representative from our team today to learn more.

Large-Scale Cooling Systems

In addition to our previous examples, cold plates can be used to maintain temperatures within a large-scale cooling system. Such systems can include air-conditioning units, refrigeration, and more. We recognize the need for consistency and dependability in the process, and our team will work with you to closely address your needs.

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