Can Companies Really Produce More with Heat Exchangers?

After upgrading their electrical thermal management systems to heat exchangers, companies almost immediately experience a wide variety of benefits. From lower energy costs to a more streamlined and esthetic footprint, to the optimization of a company’s employees and technologies, the benefits of advanced electrical cooling often speak for themselves. However, the overall advantage of improved efficiency and productivity continue to grow more pronounced the longer companies rely on heat exchangers, and the more applications they utilize them for. In virtually every industry, the implementation of heat exchangers has become an essential part of streamlining overall production.

The effect on overhead costs

Properly cooling electrical enclosures is an essential process for all forms of technology, which makes electrical thermal management an essential overhead cost. Before heat exchangers, that cost was notoriously high for most companies because the most popular solutions (i.e., air conditioners and air compression equipment) relied on large amounts of energy and were costly to operate. This exorbitant cost was one of the first and biggest challenges that heat exchangers helped companies overcome. Rather than chilling or compressing air, the innovative cooling units work by absorbing and transferring electrical waste heat, dissipating it once its safely away from sensitive electrical components.

The reliability of technology

Using significantly less energy to cool electrical enclosures means heat exchangers cost much less to operate, especially in terms of energy consumption. It also means that the process of electrical cooling is made much simpler, more efficient, and more reliable than it traditionally has been with other thermal management solutions. Because they don’t undergo complicated air conditioning or compressing processes, heat exchangers don’t rely on complex external parts that can easily break down or require constant maintenance. In addition to energy, this also dramatically reduces costs and downtime associated with constant machine repairs, malfunctions, and/or the need for replacements.

The impact on employee productivity

With more reliable technology powering their everyday workflows, employees of the companies that utilize heat exchangers have also enjoyed substantial boosts in their own productivity. When any piece of equipment malfunctions or fails to perform optimally, it affects how efficiently employees can perform their tasks. If they have to stop completely while equipment is repaired or replaced due to overheating, then productivity comes to a complete halt for the duration of the repair. By streamlining electrical cooling and providing more reliable thermal management solutions for all types of technologies, heat exchangers have tangibly benefited the overall productivity of most companies’ workforces.

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