Things Companies Save Thanks to Heat Exchangers

The ability to reduce costs and streamline operations is typically what makes any new technology most beneficial to companies. For example, computerized and automated systems boost productivity by taking over repetitive tasks. Heat exchangers reduce costs and further streamline operations by creating an efficient and eco-friendly method of managing electrical waste heat. By simply making electrical cooling more efficient, heat exchangers have led to a wide variety of savings and benefits that companies in all industries can take advantage of.

The amount of overall energy used

Energy costs have become an increasingly more urgent concern for companies as those costs continue to rise. To combat them, companies turn to their most energy-intensive operations, which includes many of the traditional methods of electrical thermal management (such as air conditioning). Heat exchangers replace this equipment with more energy efficient solutions that utilize natural processes to transfer heat instead of chilling it. They can run continuously, often 24/7, with minimal amounts of energy to power them.

The downtime associated with maintenance

Energy costs are essential to control for many different reasons, but when it comes to productivity, one of the biggest drawbacks of traditional thermal management is the constant maintenance it often requires. The complicated machinery needed to chill air and keep it circulating through an electrical enclosure can often experience worn down or damaged components. By using methods like phase-change cooling, which takes advantage of a fluid’s natural latent heat of vaporization to transfer heat, heat exchangers eliminate the need for such equipment and the time and costs associated with maintaining it.

The investment in greener operations

Because heat exchangers are designed to achieve maximum results with minimal energy and maintenance, they’re a naturally more eco-friendly solution than more traditional cooling systems. However, the fact that they transfer heat instead of eliminate it means they also help companies improve their investments in greener processes. For example, procedures such as wastewater treatment, which require consistent sources of heat, can be made more energy and cost efficient by utilizing heat exchangers to redirect electrical waste heat appropriately.

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