The Value of Low-Maintenance Thermal Management

Of the many different benefits that heat exchangers provide, the direct costs such as energy expenditures are usually the most prominent savings. However, by reinventing the way companies approach electrical thermal management, heat exchangers also provide a number of important but sometimes less obvious advantages. For example, in addition to using up less energy than traditional solutions, heat exchangers also run continuously for years while needing significantly less maintenance. Over time, the savings accrued in the form of employee time and resources make the low-maintenance operations of heat exchangers increasingly more valuable.

The Costs of Cooling Electrical Enclosures

Like many of the costs that make up a company’s overhead, electrical thermal management is a necessary expense. If machinery and equipment isn’t properly cooled, then it can’t operate for long without overheating. However, the exorbitant level of those costs is no longer necessary, and they include the time and effort that employees have to invest in keeping equipment running. With many traditional solutions, such as air conditioners, such maintenance can become a burden that interrupts operations and impacts productivity.

Transferring Heat More Simply

The reason why traditional cooling methods required so much attention is because of the methods they used to address electrical waste heat. Equipment such as air conditioners and air compressors are reliable, but lack the level of efficiency needed to reduce the need for maintenance. Therefore, the solution lies in utilizing methods that don’t require as much equipment. Instead of chilling or compressing air, heat exchangers focus more on the removal of waste heat as it’s produced.

Benefits of Reduced Maintenance Needs

Transferring heat can be accomplished with a safe fluid circulated within a looped system. The fluid absorbs electrical waste heat and evaporates (without any rise in temperature), becoming less dense in the process. The heated fluid transfers easily to a cooler area of the heat exchanger, where the fluid can dissipate the heat without compromising any sensitive equipment. This process requires minimal equipment and energy, and therefore, minimal mechanical maintenance.

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