Thermosyphons and Phase-Change Cooling: Heat Exchangers’ Secret Weapons

The secret to heat exchangers’ advanced thermal management capabilities lies in their innovative approaches to heat transfer. For example, many heat exchangers utilize mechanisms known as thermosyphons, which combine the natural forces of phase-change cooling and gravity to create an efficient, continuous heat transfer loop. Eco-friendly solutions such as thermosyphons eliminate the need for equipment such as air conditioning or air compressors, allowing users to benefit from more energy and cost-efficient electrical thermal management.

What is phase-change cooling?

The process of phase-change cooling occurs when a cooling fluid (such as water) absorbs electrical waste, evaporating and becoming less dense as it does so. Known as latent heat of vaporization, this occurs without any rise in temperature within the enclosure. Heat exchangers take advantage of this, as well as processes such as natural/forced convection and conduction, to create systems that efficiently cool electrical enclosures by absorbing and transferring waste heat.

How do thermosyphons utilize this?

Thermosyphons utilize a cooling fluid’s latent heat of vaporization and gravity to allow superheated fluid to naturally flow to cooler areas. The evaporated, less dense fluid rises until it reaches a condenser unit at the top of the thermosyphon, releases the heat it has collected, and condenses back into liquid. Denser in liquid form, the cooling fluid naturally falls back to the bottom where it can continue collecting more waste heat.

The advantages of thermosyphons to heat exchangers

Phase-change cooling and thermosyphons have been a prominent feature in many modern heat exchangers because of the many different advantages they offer for a wide variety of applications. For example, unlike traditional chilling solutions, the process of phase-change cooling doesn’t require large amounts of energy. Because thermosyphons utilize gravity to facilitate the fluid’s movement within a closed-loop, they also require minimal maintenance throughout their lifetimes.

By taking advantage of thermosyphons and phase-change cooling, heat exchangers can offer a more advanced form of thermal management than more traditional solutions. For more information about the secrets of thermosyphons and phase-change cooling, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.