A Few Surprising Things About Modern Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers have been around long enough that many of their most common benefits are well-known across virtually all industries. For example, the minimal costs and energy usage involved with their implementation have become major talking points about the advanced thermal management solutions. However, there are a few things about heat exchangers that aren’t as well known beyond the specific applications that utilize those aspects, including the facts that they can NEMA certified and offer below-ambient cooling, when necessary.

They can be NEMA certified

NEMA standards are common considerations when cooling electrical control panels and other enclosures that operate in tougher-than-usual conditions (such as outside instead of inside a warehouse). This is increasingly more important as more companies expand operations and as heat exchangers become more prominently used in hazardous conditions. Their high level of ingress protection, combined with their energy efficient and low-maintenance operations, make heat exchangers the preferable option for cooling most NEMA-certified electrical enclosures.

They offer below-ambient cooling

Traditional heat exchangers operate by transferring electrical waste heat as it’s produced, which keeps the temperature inside of an electrical enclosure at just above the temperature outside of it. However, modern variations can also achieve below-ambient temperatures for applications that require it, such as those that are located in extremely hot temperatures. They achieve this with the help of cooling fluid that is chilled to the appropriate below-ambient temperature, rather than with complicated machinery (such as air conditioners).

They make use of waste heat

Additionally, many companies are learning that heat exchangers can do much more than just cool electrical cabinets. That’s because they do more than just eliminate waste heat – they collect it and transfer it. This gives them ability to make use of the waste heat for other purposes, such as wastewater treatment. This means heat exchangers not only help companies cool technology more efficiently, but also save money in other areas by supplementing necessary heat.

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