How Heat Exchangers Fit into Oil & Gas Manufacturing

Before implementing new technology into any industry, it first has to pass several tests to ensure that it can successfully meet the unique demands of that industry. For the oil and gas industry, those demands are especially challenging given the hazardous conditions that are often a routine part of operations. Fortunately, when it comes to streamlining thermal management for advanced technology, certain heat exchangers are specifically designed to benefit oil and gas companies, as well as others that operate under hazardous conditions. This means more companies can enjoy the benefits of heat exchangers even in environments that could prove too much for more sensitive technologies to handle.

Thermal Management Made for Hazardous Conditions

The environments in which oil and gas companies operate are notoriously hazardous thanks to several different factors. For instance, when operating in remote locations, equipment and their cooling units have to be able to run continuously with minimal interaction and optimal reliability. That’s a main feature of modern heat exchangers; however, those locations are often in extreme environments and involve working with highly volatile substances. Besides nearly autonomous, heat exchangers that are certified for hazardous locations are also tightly sealed to ensure that cooling fluid within and the electrical enclosures they are attached to retain a high level of ingress protection.

Replacing More Cumbersome Cooling Options

Meeting industry standards for oil and gas operations isn’t easy, but the minimal methods that heat exchangers use to transfer heat make it easier for them to do so. This is especially important in industries where saving costs, boosting productivity, and lowering their environmental impacts are growing more challenging. With heat exchangers that are specially certified per UL/cUL as well as ATEX and IECEx standards, those industries can benefit as much as any other from the energy and cost saving benefits of greener thermal management.

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