Benefiting from Greener Thermal Management

Thermal management was one of the first areas in which technological innovation meant greener, more efficient operations for most industries. That’s because most industries rely on advanced technology, and creating more efficient and eco-friendly electrical cooling with heat exchangers instead of air conditioners benefited all of them. Today, those benefits continue to multiply as companies continue adopt greener technologies, especially as more of those technologies utilize heat exchangers for their electrical thermal management needs.

Making Better Use of Energy

The large amounts of energy that air-conditioning equipment requires to operate used to be a necessary burden. The only way to keep technology operating is to prevent it from overheating. However, heat exchangers are as effective at handling waste heat than air conditioners, and in many ways, more so. They also do it with significantly less energy because they don’t rely on chilled air. Instead, heat exchangers utilize energy-efficient methods such as natural/forced convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling to transfer heat away.

Ensuring More Consistent Operations

Air conditioners don’t just use up lots of energy; they also break down easily due to the multitude of complex moving parts they consist of. If even one part malfunctions, which is common in applications that require constant cooling, then the whole system will have to be shut down for repairs. Because heat exchangers use simpler heat transfer methods, they also consist of simpler apparatus and the units can transfer heat continuously for years without interruption.

Keeping Footprints Small

Greener thermal management means a smaller environmental footprint overall, and heat exchangers accomplish this because they don’t utilize pollutants nor allow for any leakage. Unlike air conditioners that utilize Freon, a well-known environmental contaminant, heat exchangers use safer cooling fluids, such as water, that circulate throughout the units. The fluid doesn’t need to be replaced, and thanks to high-quality, neoprene gaskets and seals, it doesn’t interact with the air outside of the heat exchanger.

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