2 Reasons Oil & Gas Companies Use Heat Exchangers

Oil and gas companies choose heat exchangers for various thermal management needs for the same reasons that many other companies do. The energy savings and improved efficiency often make them the best solution for things like cooling electrical control panels and other electrical enclosures, and facilitating wastewater treatment processes. However, in industries like oil and gas manufacturing, heat exchangers provide a number of other vital advantages, such as the ability to effectively and affordably meet all standards necessary to operate in hazardous locations.

They’re more efficient than air conditioning

The oil and gas industry can be a volatile one, and every dollar spent can have a significant impact on a company’s wellbeing. Therefore, the significant savings that companies enjoy on energy consumption, maintenance needs, and avoidable downtime are the biggest reasons why they seek to implement heat exchangers. Without having to worry about equipment overheating regularly, oil and gas companies can save money and time while improving the efficiency of both employees and their equipment. Eliminating the need for air conditioners also lowers their environmental footprint by reducing the potential for releasing any form of waste into nearby air and water sources.

They’re certified for hazardous locations

All of the benefits that heat exchangers provide make them preferable for most industries. Yet, companies that operate in the oil and gas industry, where conditions are typically hazardous, haven’t always been able to enjoy those benefits. Today, though, more companies are turning to heat exchangers that are specifically certified per UL/cUL as well as ATEX and IECEx standards. Such heat exchangers not only streamline the process of thermal management, but also offer high levels of protection against potentially hazardous contaminants in the air.

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