Advanced Thermal Management for Advanced Technology

Thermal management is an essential part of any electrical system, and as technology advances, cooling solutions must advance along with it. At Noren, our goal has always been to help companies in every industry benefit from more efficient and reliable thermal management solutions. In addition to incorporating new and innovative concepts, we’ve also led the industry in creating technologies that fit the unique specifications of virtually all industries and locations. (more…)

Green Energy Cooling for Electrical Control Panels

From Noren’s beginning in 1968, our goals of providing innovative thermal management solutions have always included pioneering cleaner, more eco-friendly concepts and products. Since then, every industry has increased its focus on finding and implementing green energy solutions for every aspect of their operations. When it comes to cooling control panels and other electrical components, those solutions are often in the form of heat exchangers that replace more traditional, more cumbersome, and more costly air conditioning systems. Heat exchangers utilize green energy concepts, such as phase-change cooling and natural/forced convection, to significantly lower their environmental footprint. (more…)

3 Ways Heat Exchangers Improve Productivity

3 Ways Heat Exchangers Improve ProductivityMaintaining productivity isn’t just about acquiring the most advanced technology; it also requires ensuring that the equipment is properly maintained. For most systems, that means utilizing a thermal management system that offers the most efficient results, particularly for facilities that operate around the clock. In most cases, heat exchangers can significantly improve productivity for advanced technology and the companies that rely on it. (more…)

Safely Cooling Technology in Hazardous Locations

Technology is an essential part of production and manufacturing, and one of its greatest benefits is the ability to operate in areas that were previously inaccessible. For instance, automated technology has helped the oil and gas industry expand to produce energy from more obscure sources. It has also helped companies build facilities and operate machinery in hazardous locations. As pioneers in the thermal management industry, Noren Thermal was the first heat exchanger manufacturer to produce heat exchangers that are certified for technology deployed in hazardous locations. With custom heat exchangers, industries that venture into more dangerous territories can now rest assured that their technology is properly cooled without requiring excessive amounts of energy. (more…)

Why NEMA Standards Are a Good Reason to Use Heat Exchangers

As the largest trade association in the United States, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) issues hundreds of safety and operation standards across the industry. Among those standards, the classifications (or NEMA ratings) that are assigned to electrical enclosures describe the level of protection against contamination that each enclosure needs to safely operate in certain environments. At Noren, many of our products are designed specifically to meet NEMA’s high standards of excellence that not only ensure continued operation, but also offer exceptional protection from contamination and improved safety for employees. (more…)

How a Feasibility Study Ensures the Success of Heat Exchangers

To stay on the cutting edge of thermal management technology, Noren routinely explores and develops new concepts, designs, and products that better meet the diverse needs of our clients. To help clients save money on the design and implementation of their innovative thermal management systems, Noren also routinely performs feasibility studies as part of our expert analysis and design process. We know that real-world application of a product can introduce elements that are not always considered during the design process. Therefore, a feasibility study can help save time and money by testing a new system’s application to ensure that it operates as intended, or better. (more…)

The Difference Between Heat Pipes and Cold Plates

When it comes to thermal management for advanced technology, there are several efficient, high-performance options to choose from, such as heat pipes and cold plates. The most appropriate solution depends on a given system’s unique specifications, though both options can offer a wealth of savings in costs, energy consumption, and footprint. At Noren Thermal, our expertise includes helping clients choose the thermal management solution that best fits their needs, and then delivering units that exceed their expectations.   (more…)

Cooling Medical Technology Better With Heat Exchangers

The performance of any technology is judged by its ability to operate smoothly and continuously. As one of the most consistent threats to that performance, electrical waste heat is a challenge no matter what the technology is used for. However, when it comes to medical equipment, properly operating technology is more important than in many other industries. If equipment fails, then patients’ lives and wellbeing can be significantly affected. Noren Thermal understands the heightened importance of keeping medical technology properly cooled, and our innovative thermal management solutions are designed to help the medical industry maintain a high standard of excellence. (more…)

Selecting the Right Cooling Option for Control Panels

As with every aspect of technology, thermal management solutions should be carefully selected and precisely designed with optimal function in mind. For most industries, controlling waste heat in electrical control panels requires little more than transferring the heat to keep the temperature inside of the enclosures at just above the ambient temperature outside of them. Nevertheless, heat exchangers themselves come in a variety of designs, each crafted according to specific operational requirements. When selecting the right cooling option for your control panels, two important questions should be at the forefront of the process—how much energy can you save, and how much maintenance will the units need? (more…)

Thermal Management Designed for Automated Technology

When you think of automation, you may think of sentient machines that are able to accomplish any manufacturing task without human input. The truth, however, is that all technology requires human input; the point of automation is to limit the need for that input so that a company’s workforce can more efficiently manage their time. In the field of automation, heat exchangers are often optimal thermal management solutions due to a reduced need for routine maintenance, as well as improved long-term functionality and lower operational costs. (more…)