Category: Custom Thermal Solutions

When Electronics Are Designed with Custom Thermal Solutions

As modern thermal management solutions have advanced, technology designers have enjoyed a greater level of freedom in how they design new applications and products. For example, the introduction of heat exchangers gave them an option to include consistently reliable electrical cooling without the need for solutions such as air conditioning or air compressors. This opened… Read more »

A Better Understanding of Custom Thermal Management

The rate at which electrical and other thermal management technologies have advanced over the decades has been a significant benefit to companies in most industries. In some cases, company leaders may not fully understand the innovative techniques that heat exchangers utilize to prevent overheating, yet they easily recognize the advantages that they provide their overall… Read more »

Value in Customizing Thermal Management Solutions

Over the course of a few decades, heat exchangers changed the face of electrical thermal management for most industries. What was once a burden that companies had to strategize around became an area of innovation where companies could now streamline their operations and save significantly in the process. Today, heat exchangers continue advancing the realm… Read more »

The Importance of Precise Thermal Solutions

Precision plays a vital role when it comes to customizing modern thermal management solutions. From highly specific operational parameters to cooling unit designs and sizes, many of today’s advanced applications require custom thermal solutions that adequately meet their unique needs. While that level of precision is important for common applications, such as cooling control panels… Read more »

Choosing Between Cold Plates and Heat Pipes

Today’s heat exchangers and similar thermal management solutions come in all shapes and sizes, utilize a variety of heat transfer methods, and can often be customized to meet the unique needs of the most innovative applications. Many of the most common variations involve the use of high-performance heat pipes or liquid cold plate heat exchangers,… Read more »

Things that Improve when Companies Use Custom Heat Exchangers

The introduction of heat exchangers, especially for keeping manufacturing and other vital equipment from overheating, has been a boon to companies in many different industries.  By simply eliminating their reliance on more cumbersome and costly thermal management solutions, heat exchangers helped give companies the freedom to innovate several other areas of their operations. Since they… Read more »

Transferring Heat for High-Performance Control Panels

Cooling control panels (as well as various other electrical enclosures) is a vital function for most industries these days. It grows even more essential as companies continue introducing more powerful and fully integrated systems, including automated equipment and processes. Because of its importance, the efficiency with which a company’s electrical thermal management systems can remove… Read more »

Customizing Thermal Solutions for Virtually Any Application

The various technologies that industries rely on these days come in all sizes and are implemented for nearly all types of applications. In many cases, technological solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of certain advanced applications, or those that are designed for highly specific processes. To meet the specific thermal management needs of… Read more »

Unique Capabilities of Custom Thermal Solutions

Traditionally, the idea of customizing a solution for every thermal management application would have been too costly to consider, especially for large-scale manufacturing technologies and processes. That cost was largely due to the complicated nature of most traditional electrical cooling options, like air conditioning and compression. However, since heat exchangers have become integral to operations… Read more »

Other Advantages of Modern Custom Thermal Solutions

Effectively cooling electrical control panels and other enclosures has always been a significant concern for companies, but over the last few decades, it’s been much less of a burden for most of them. That’s thanks largely to the advent of heat exchangers, which have significantly streamlined the processes of electrical cooling for most modern applications…. Read more »