Below-Ambient Cooling Heat Exchangers

Designed to cool overheating electrical panels and enclosures to below the outside ambient air temperature. Easily replaces air conditioners and compressed air coolers.

Heat Exchanger Air-to-Water Units

Noren air-to-water heat exchangers are the best option for cooling your electrical cabinets. They are easy to install and maintain and have an isoloss gasket that seals against the enclosure and keeps contaminants out. Using our specially designed open-loop core, the unit removes waste heat inside the enclosure below ambient temperature, using only a 1GPM water source for most units. Below-ambient cooling units are typically mounted on the side of the enclosure and can be used in series as needed.

  • Our UL LISTED, NEMA 12, 4, 4x units, lend themselves well to being used in 508A applications.
  • Our air-to-water heat exchangers are both NSF 61 & 372 certified, ensuring that the water used by our products does not pose any consumption risk and can be safely distributed.


Model NumberWeight (lbs.)Efficiency (Watts/°C)Rating (BTU/hr)Amps Fan/size
@ 115V
Fan SizeHeightWidthDepth
CC2060924.533500.21-4″22 1/46 1/44
CC30601368.893000.31-6″308 3/44
CC32601362.786000.31-6"13 7/87 7/812
CC636032159.7218000.93-6″2913 7/88
CC900079417570002.48-6″70 ½23 ¾8

Hazardous Location Heat Exchangers

Using Noren’s specially designed core, a below-ambient heat exchanger removes waste heat from the cabinet and cools the internal air to the temperature of the water circulating through the heat exchanger’s core. These units have no external fans and therefore do not require filter kits.


Model NumberWeight (lbs.)Efficiency (Watts/°C)Rating (BTU/hr)Amps Fan/size
@ 115V
Fan SizeHeightWidthDepth
CC206517.224.533500.21-4″26 1/26 7/84
CC306526.168.893000.31-6″33 7/89 1/44
CC636550.7159.7218000.93-6″30 3/8148


Model NumberWeight (lbs.)Efficiency (Watts/°C)Rating (BTU/hr)Amps Fan/size
@ 115V
Fan SizeHeightWidthDepth
CC20681224.533500.21-4″26 1/26 7/84
CC30682568.893000.31-6″33 7/89 1/44
CC636852159.7218000.93-6″30 7/8148

Custom Design Heat Exchangers

Depending on your industrial needs, you may require a specially designed heat exchanger. Our engineering team is happy to work with you to design and manufacture a custom unit or system.

Custom heat exchangers are often based on our standard heat exchangers. The various attributes of the standard unit are then modified or changed in order to meet the needs of the application.

Non UL Certified Heat Exchangers

Using fans suitable for combustible environments, Noren offers both ambient cooling and below-ambient cooling units for use in hazardous locations. In both purge and non-purge applications where water is available for cooling, our air to water units are the ideal low cost, low maintenance solution. (Unit will not maintain NEMA 7 type enclosures.)

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Air Flow Diagrams

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