Installing Heat Pipes In Your Operation

To put it simply, your successful operation can depend on how effectively you are able to transfer heat from important electronic systems. Whether you are in the manufacturing field, medical, military, oil and gas, or another service, you have equipment that you rely on to accomplish vital tasks, and that equipment needs to remain as safe as possible to operate well. Noren Thermal Solutions can bring many different strategies to you when it comes to better temperature management. Heat pipes are a popular means of controlling the heat produced in the liquid/vapor change of working fluids. This system has an established record for drawing heat produced from the condensation and evaporation of these fluids and channeling them safely. We can bring in standard-diameter pipes, but we can also provide custom pipes that are ready to fit your work environment.

Controlling Heat With A Two-Phase Transfer System

Heat pipes are commonly used in operations looking for thermal management solutions. The arrangement is a passive, capillary-driven system that channels heat from its source to a condenser section to safely release it. These pipes can be arranged over long distances, and we can offer up both standard and custom-made solutions to ensure that your thermal management system suits your environment and properly protects your technology.

We Offer Standard Diameter And Custom Heat Pipes

Standard diameter pipes can provide effective solutions for a wide array of operations. We can work with you to make sure that the pipes we bring into your workspace fit securely and produce the right results. With that said, we have experience with many different operations, and we know that some require personalized solutions. We can provide customer-specific pipes that help you see optimal outcomes from your thermal management.

Setting Up A New Operation? We Can Help!

Our combination of custom and standard equipment have helped businesses in many different fields take care of their valuable equipment. For a new operation, or the introduction of new equipment in your workspace, we can provide recommendations about heat pipes, cold plates, cooling units, filter fans, and many other items. To make sure you have the right solutions, we rely on rapid prototyping and in-house manufacturing to bring in equipment that is prepared to handle the challenges in your particular environment.

Talk To Noren Thermal Solutions About Installing Heat Pipes In Your Workspace!

Noren Thermal Solutions is ready to provide answers to your questions about proper temperature management. Heat pipes are just one of many arrangements that can protect equipment and maintain your operation. We offer a combination of standard and customized solutions that are capable of supporting many different industries and differing environments. If you would like to find out more, or if you are ready to meet and discuss your thermal management needs, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX today at 512-595-5700!