Thermal Management With Heat Pipes

Interior of modern natural oil factory. The piping, pumps and motors. Industry backgroundWith the advent of new technology and more efficient solutions, it is no surprise that power densities per square inch continue to increase. On the other hand, space allotted for thermal management solutions is forever decreasing, bringing forth the challenge of achieving optimal performance with a limited area. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will discuss the ways in which our custom heat pipes can achieve successful energy transfer over great distances with the utilization of effective conductivity and a limited area.

Utilizing Phase-Change Cooling

When it comes to effective and eco-friendly thermal management, heat transfer technology that is utilized plays a major role. For our heat pipe installations, in particular, we utilize phase-change technology. During this process, a given application uses the latent heat of vaporization of a given liquid to transfer thermal energy. In other words, a liquid absorbs the heat that is generated, increasing in temperature until it reaches its point of vaporization where it changes states of matter from liquid to gas.

The vapor is then carried through the heat pipes across a specified distance, where the gas begins to cool down until finally, it falls below the latent point of vaporization, transforming back into a liquid. The liquid is carried back to the condenser or heat source, where the process repeats itself. By utilizing natural resources such as water and phase-change technology, we are able to provide effective thermal management that also does not harm the environment.

A Vast Variety

Another key feature of our custom heat pipe solutions is their ability to accommodate a number of applications in varying sizes and diameters. What’s more, we can achieve a number of different bends, angles, and planes to best meet the specific parameters we are given.

We recognize that not all applications are the same just as designated spaces can be confined to specific parameters, which is why our team of collaborative engineers works with you to achieve an optimal product and design that best fits your needs. For more information about this process or to learn about our variety of dimensions, reach out to our team.

Effective Conductivity

In addition to utilizing phase-change technology, all of our custom heat pipes contain an extremely effective high thermal conductivity to ensure your thermal management needs are fulfilled. What’s more, standard heat pipe installations consist of solid conductors made from either aluminum, copper, diamond, or graphite may have a conductivity range up to 1,500 W/m•K, Noren’s custom heat pipes consist of conductivities ranging from 5,000 W/m•K to 200,000 W/m•K.

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