A Look at How Heat Exchangers Help Boost Wastewater Treatment

Heat exchangers help companies do a lot more with a lot less. Although they’re solely a thermal management solution, streamlining thermal management can have resounding benefits for a company’s overall operations. For example, by simplifying electrical thermal management, heat exchangers help reduce the costs of keeping electrical equipment cooled and a company’s overall dependence on energy. In some cases, heat exchangers can also help provide the same benefits to processes outside of electrical enclosure cooling. For example, they’re increasingly more often being used to help companies make treating wastewater more efficient and reliable.

The growing importance of wastewater treatment

Treating wastewater has long been a necessary component of controlling the quality of water that any community relies on. However, it isn’t just a municipal responsibility anymore. Many companies in virtually every industry are now also implementing in-house wastewater treatment to further improve the quality of the water and air in the environments where they’re located. Treating wastewater involves removing harmful toxins, chemicals, and other substances that have been released by certain manufacturing processes. It makes the water safe to be released back into the environment, or to be used for other processes without the contamination.

What treating wastewater means for thermal management

While nearly every industry can agree on the importance of wastewater treatment, companies can approach the process in ways they see fit. In most cases, treating wastewater involves introducing beneficial microbes that can eliminate and neutralize harmful substances. This involves heating the wastewater to a certain temperature to optimize the bioactivity of the good microbes. To produce and sustain this heat, companies can often utilize specialized heat exchangers to repurpose the electrical waste heat that they collect. This significantly lowers the costs of energy that a company has to shoulder to add wastewater treatment processes to their workflow.

How heat exchangers benefit companies that treat wastewater

The ability to implement in-house wastewater treatment has been a significant boon to modern companies that want to lower their environmental footprints. The use of heat exchangers to make the process more efficient and cost-effective, as well as more reliable, has helped ensure that those efforts are successful. The secret to heat exchangers’ advantages lie in their ability to absorb and transfer waste heat using minimal equipment and amounts of cooling fluid. This allows companies to avoid having to rely on solutions that use up large amounts of energy and/or require frequent maintenance of their complicated moving parts.

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