A Few Advantages of Custom Pipe Heat Exchangers

While there are many different types of heat exchangers these days, heat pipes are among the most popular and frequently implemented types. For companies that choose to implement heat exchangers to meet their electrical thermal management needs, heat pipes are often the preferable solution for many different reasons. For example, their highly efficient passive cooling abilities make heat pipe heat exchangers a cost-efficient yet high-performance method of cooling even the most demanding applications. Today, we examine just a few of the advantages that custom heat pipe heat exchangers provide, and when they may be the best option for a company’s electrical thermal management needs.

Using heat pipes to transfer electrical waste heat

As one of the more conventional heat exchanger designs, heat pipes are made to transfer varying amounts of electrical waste heat at rapid and consistent paces. The inside of a heat pipe is lined with a capillary wicking material that ensures moisture evenly and uniformly covers the surfaces within the pipe. Wherever heat is applied to the pipe, the cooling fluid inside absorbs it until it evaporates. Then, the fluid transfers the heat to a heat depository, such as a custom heat sink, before condensing back into gas and continuing to flow through the heat exchanger.

Heat pipes for cooling electrical enclosures

The process of using a fluid to absorb heat until it evaporates and becomes less dense is known as phase-change cooling, and it offers a much more efficient and effective method of cooling electrical apparatus. For example, when cooling electrical enclosures, such as control panels, heat pipes provide a more easily manageable solution than air conditioners, air compressors, and other, older solutions. Because they don’t rely on chilled air, heat pipes are not prone to producing condensation that could leak into and compromise electrical enclosures.

The benefits of custom thermal management

Utilizing heat pipes for most or all of their electrical cooling needs has been a significant boon to companies in all industries. The reduced energy needs and lower risks of needing repairs or maintenance means heat pipes are not as cumbersome to operate on a daily basis. They’re also adaptable to meet a wide range of thermal management needs so companies can adapt to more advanced technologies in a more streamlined manner. Thanks to heat pipes and the innovative custom thermal solutions that they’ve inspired, electrical thermal management has become less of a burden and more of a benefit to many companies.

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