Customized Cooling in Extreme, Hazardous Conditions

Electrical thermal management has come a long way over the last several decades, and most industries can thank heat exchangers for much of that advancement. By introducing the concept of transferring electrical waste heat instead of relying on more costly and complicated HVAC methods, heat exchangers made it possible for companies to substantially lower the costs of keeping their equipment running smoothly. Today, various types of heat exchangers are at the forefront of the push towards customized, high-performance thermal management solutions, even under conditions that require substantial protection due to extreme, hazardous conditions.

Why customization matters for advanced tech

There are several reasons why heat exchangers quickly became the electrical thermal management solution of choice decades ago. One of the most notable is the ability to easily adjust the cooling solution’s parameters to meet unique, often demanding thermal management needs. This made them viable for a wider variety of applications than conventional solutions. However, the ability to prevent electrical overheating without having to chill electrical enclosures became one of the most impactful benefits of heat exchanger technology. The complicated machinery and components needed to chill enclosures made customizing thermal solutions for advanced applications more challenging, while heat exchangers made it much easier to overcome that challenge.

Heat exchangers for extreme thermal needs

The standard for technologies that companies use in their day-to-day operations is typically high. The faster and more powerful the technology, the more productive the company can be. In some applications, however, reliable thermal management is about more than productivity, but also safety, efficiency, and much more. For example, technologies that oil and gas producers utilize is put under excessive strain under extreme, often hazardous conditions. The thermal management solutions that these companies rely on must be able to operate at optimal efficiency under these conditions, and they must do so without compromising the safety of employees or the equipment. Hazardous-location (HazLoc) heat exchangers has made this possible, allowing for safer, more efficient and cost-effective electrical cooling in extreme applications.

Benefiting from tougher thermal solutions

The ability to customize thermal solutions that not only save costs and improve productivity but also improve safety and efficiency under hazardous conditions has been a boon to several different industries. Without having to rely on more cumbersome and costly thermal management solutions, they’ve been able to implement more advanced solutions in several other areas. For more information about customized thermal management in hazardous locations with heat exchangers, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.