Thermal Management as Part of an Application’s Initial Design

It’s no secret that electrical thermal management is vital to any technology’s continued operation. Yet, designers of that technology don’t always consider that need in their initial designs, usually because they don’t have the expertise to fully understand which thermal management systems could enhance their designs most effectively. Instead, thermal management may be relegated to traditionally problematic solutions, such as air conditioning or compressors that can inhibit the design’s overall function. That’s why many of today’s leading technology design companies work closely with highly experienced thermal management experts to ensure that their designs include an efficient and reliable heat transfer system, such as heat exchangers.

Planning for Efficient Waste Heat Management

Designers don’t typically create designs without caring about the thermal management aspects of them. They understand the importance of keeping the system operating smoothly by consistently controlling the waste heat that the electrical components generate. However, modern thermal management involves several areas of expertise that lie outside the realm of commercial and consumer technology design. For instance, cooling an electrical enclosure is no longer as simple as just attaching an air conditioner to them. Instead, thermal management experts design ways to absorb, transfer, and dissipate excess heat. The rate at which this occurs depends on the science behind the specific heat transfer method (i.e., convection, conduction, and/or phase-change cooling).

Heat Exchangers Make Initial Designs Easier

In addition to various methods of transferring waste heat, thermal management experts also lend their expertise to help designers implement solutions like heat exchangers that optimize space within the design. For instance, heat pipes can bend and curve as needed, and cold plates can be stacked to boost efficiency without taking up much more space. Whatever the design’s specific needs, including one or more customized heat exchangers in the initial planning phase can ensure its success before the product is put into use.

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