Things Every Company Should Know About Thermal Management

When air conditioners were the only option for electrical thermal management, companies didn’t think much about the costs and manpower they had to dedicate to maintaining them. That’s because preventing equipment from overheating is vital to a company’s continued operations. Without thermal management, the company’s equipment can’t run. Today, however, thermal management is a significant consideration, especially for companies that are looking for ways to lower operational costs, reduce their energy consumption, improve productivity, and lower their environmental footprints, all at the same time.

Chilling is enough to stop overheating

The point of electrical thermal management has always been to stop circuits from overheating due to the waste heat they produce. Naturally, the most obvious solution has long been to pump chilled air into the inside of an electrical enclosure with air conditioning equipment. As long as the air is flowing, the enclosure stays chilled. However, keeping chilled air flowing takes a lot of energy, whereas simply keeping the air cool by removing the heat is a much more efficient process. Instead of chilling air and blasting into an electrical enclosure, heat exchangers transfer the heat using methods like convection and phase-change cooling, which is an even more reliable way to manage waste heat than canceling it out with air conditioning.

Below-ambient cooling doesn’t need air conditioning

For applications that involve especially high levels of waste heat or that operate in extremely hot climates, air conditioners can still seem like the only choice. However, below-ambient heat exchangers can provide the high-performance, low temperature cooling necessary to keep such applications running smoothly and reliably. Thanks to below-ambient cooling, companies now have more affordable and advanced alternatives to air conditioning, even when they believe air conditioners are the only option.

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