A Few Questions About Heat Exchangers

The benefit of heat exchangers is that, by streamlining thermal management, they can help companies save significantly on everything from energy consumption to maintenance costs and expenses related to equipment downtime. However, their specific advantage is that they can be applied to so many different applications that those savings become multiplied over time. With the ability to handle a wide variety of thermal management tasks, heat exchangers have become a staple for companies of all sizes in many different industries.

Are heat exchangers really eco-friendly?

Heat exchangers reduce energy costs because they don’t rely on methods like air conditioning to transfer heat. On the contrary, they use methods like convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling, which save energy as well as reduce waste. In many cases, heat exchangers also provide free energy for processes like wastewater treatment, which further boosts savings and lowers waste. Compared to most other heating and cooling methods, heat exchangers are among the most eco-friendly solutions available.

Can they reach below-ambient temperatures?

While many heat exchangers are designed to provide ambient cooling (keeping electrical enclosures at just above the ambient temperature outside of them), many others are designed specifically to achieve below-ambient cooling. Using cooling fluid that is cooled to the temperature needed, heat exchangers can circulate the fluid to ensure that atmosphere inside of any enclosure remains below the ambient temperature outside.

Can they do more than cool control panels?

The ability to transfer heat without eliminating it has given rise to even more applications for modern heat exchangers. After absorbing electrical waste heat, heat exchangers can dissipate that heat safely, or they can transfer it to be used for applications that require sustained heat. This can lower or eliminate the need for fuels like natural gas, which are often utilized for the same purposes.

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