Want to Reduce Overhead? Start with Thermal Management

Companies in every industry can benefit from reducing overhead in ways that don’t negatively impact productivity. Most of those companies can also realize significant savings by analyzing and improving their electrical thermal management solutions. Instead of relying on more costly alternatives, like air conditioning, companies can effectively control electrical waste heat with more efficient heat exchangers. By implementing advanced heat exchanger technology, companies can more reliably cool high-performance technology and equipment at a fraction of the costs that come with air conditioning or air compressors.

High-Performance Heat Transfer with Minimal Energy

From large manufacturing equipment to control panels and electrical enclosures of all sizes, effectively transferring waste heat is an essential part of operations. Heat exchangers accomplish this with minimal energy usage by implementing eco-friendly heat transfer methods, such as a combination of natural and forced convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling. Such processes utilize minimal equipment and energy to keep waste heat from damaging vital, sensitive electrical components.

Save Employee Time by Reducing Maintenance

Minimizing the equipment and energy needed for thermal management offers immediate savings in the form of energy usage, but it also helps reduce costs in several other areas. For instance, maintaining heat exchangers is significantly easier and requires much less attention from employees. Heat exchangers rarely need to be repaired, and they can operate up to 10 times longer than air conditioners before needing to be replaced.

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