How to Save Energy on Electrical Thermal Management

In any industry, the ability to save energy translates into a variety of savings, from reducing overhead costs to optimizing energy consumption. Because of their many benefits, heat exchangers have become a staple of manufacturing technology, and they continue to help companies streamline their thermal management operations. Today, we look at a few different ways in which they help companies save on energy consumption, as well as help improve the productivity of a company’s technology.

 Air Cooling Compared to Air Conditioning

Heat exchanger technology arose to meet modern technology’s many different thermal management needs. For instance, the main focus of electrical thermal management is to prevent excess heat from damaging electrical components housed within an enclosure. At first, air conditioning equipment proved adequate; however, thermal management needs quickly became more complicated as technology advanced. Today, air conditioning is often an expensive and burdensome thermal management solution, costing companies massive amounts of money for the energy required to keep it running.

Heat exchangers answered this problem by incorporating more conservative thermal management methods, such as convection, conduction, and phase-change cooling. Because these methods don’t require large amounts of energy, heat exchangers immediately help companies reduce their overall energy consumption. They also consist of simpler designs that don’t require constant maintenance, can operate for years without needing any repairs, and reduce the risks of companies losing revenue due to downtime.

Noren’s Advanced Thermal Management Solutions

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