Noren HyTec Cooler

Our new HyTec Cooler is an effective fluid cooling system that utilizes HyTec Heat Pipe cores, allowing for highly efficient and easily manageable elevator hydraulic fluid cooling. The HyTec Cooler’s various models are designed to fit both dry type reservoirs (D-Model) and submersible type reservoirs (S-Model), and to direct heat fluid through the cores in the most efficient manner.

HyTec Cooler D-Model

The Noren HyTec Cooler D-Model provides elevator hydraulic fluid cooling for dry type reservoirs. In the D-Model, a barrier transfers heated fluid through the heat pipe cores before the fluid is drawn back in. The heat pipe core’s size is universal in all applications, though the side panels that make up the barrier can be adjusted according to the space between the core and the reservoir’s walls. This allows for maximum flow of the heated fluid through the cores, and optimal cooling performance for all applications.

HyTec Cooler S-Model

The Noren HyTec Cooler S-Model is designed specifically for use in typical submersible type hydraulic reservoirs. Rather than a side panel barrier, the S-Model consists of a steel “basket” type construction that captures heated fluid and directs it through the HyTec Heat Pipe cores. The basket sits suspended on rails within the reservoir, and contains two sets of heat pipe cores to maximize the efficiency of its cooling processes.

Installing Your HyTec Noren Cooler

Both Noren HyTec Cooler S-Models and D-Models are created for simple installation in any appropriate hydraulic reservoir type. For specific installation instructions and diagrams, select the installation steps for the appropriate model:

For more information about Noren’s HyTec Cooler models, call Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 512-595-5700, or email us at [email protected].

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