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You can submit your project in two ways. You can download, fill in, then email this PDF: Noren Project Review Sheet to Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. This will send the information for the project to our Engineering department and they will contact you.

    1.0 Contact Information

    1.1 Company Name:
    1.2 Contact Name:
    1.3 Address:
    1.4 Phone #:
    1.5 State/Postal/Country:
    1.6 Email Address:
    1.7 Project Name:
    1.8 How did you find out about Noren?

    2.0 Confidentiality

    2.1 Is there a need to establish a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA)? YesNo

    3.0 Technical Information

    3.1 Heat Source Definition:
    a) How many heat sources are present?
    b) What is (are) the size of the heat source(s)?
    c) What is (are) the heat load per each heat source (Watts)?
    3.2 What is (are) the heat sink/heat pipe dimensions?
    3.3 What is (are) the heat sink/heat pipe material specification(s)?
    3.4 Heat sink/heat pipe orientation?
    3.5 Ambient temperature?
    3.6 Type of Cooling
    Air Natural ConvectionForced Convection
    a) Type?
    b) Flow Rate
    c) Maximum allowable pressure drop
    d) Fluid temperature constraint (Inlet & Outlet)
    Other (please specify)

    3.7 Documents

    Please provide CAD models/drawings or any sketches if available

    3.8 Design Requirements

    a) Maximum allowable temperature of the heat sink at the device mounting surface?
    b) Maximum weight of the thermal solution?
    c) Dimensional constraints?
    d) Material constraints?
    e) Surface finish requirements?
    f) Fan noise constraints?
    g) Storage & transportation requirements?
    h) Environmental constraints?
    i) Others (please specify)

    4.0 Program Information

    4.1 What is the target date required to complete this project?
    4.2 Prototypes
    a) Prototype Quantity & Schedule?
    b) Quote Required Date?
    4.3 Production
    a) What is the forecasted production quantity?
    b) What is the production ramp schedule?
    c) For what quantities should we provide a quotation?
    d) Where are the production units to be shipped?

    4.4 Vendor Selection Requirements

    a) Are their other technologies being reviewed for this thermal solution? YesNo
    b) What are the determining factors of awarding this thermal solution? PriceLead TimeOther
    c) When will a decision be made to select the thermal solution provider? Qtr. 1Qtr. 2Qtr. 3Qtr. 4Next YearIn Two Years or More

    4.5 Additional Comments

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