Providing Ruggedized Cooling Solutions

ruggedizationToday is Veterans Day, so now is a good time to discuss the ways we are able to assist the military with unique thermal solutions. The men and women who serve our country do so in a variety of climates, which requires their gear and equipment to work properly, no matter where they go. Being able to rely on their equipment is essential for our military members to get their jobs done quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely. Our ruggedized thermal solutions help make sure gear works well in an array of locations, regardless of the problems harsh climates may foster. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX talks about the specialized thermal needs of the military and how our ruggedized products can assist. 

Custom Ruggenization For Your Needs

Ruggedization is the process of making our heat exchangers capable of withstanding a variety of conditions. Whether they are used to cool down the electronics in military vehicles or laptops being used off-base, they need to work no matter what challenges are presented. Whether this is in the air, on land, or on water, reliable technology that doesn’t buckle under pressure is a must for our men and women in uniform, so they can get their jobs done safely and effectively.

Reliability Is A Must For Heat Exchangers

It is incredibly important for military technologies to withstand all sorts of elements, ranging from immense heat to frigid temperatures to dust particles in the air. Additionally, they must keep working under immense amounts of pressure. Overheating is a recurring and major problem when it comes to electronics and equipment that undergo a lot of consistent, high-powered use, so their cooling capabilities need to be reliable. Traditional air-conditioning isn’t feasible in a lot of places our military goes; it can be too large, unwieldy, and ineffective, so they need advanced thermal solutions that not only cool sufficiently but can also do so in tough, unpredictable climates.

We Are Preemptive Problem Solvers

Whether the military is located in an arid, desert climate or they are in a wet, tropical one, it is essential that their equipment works as expected. Consumer-grade thermal solutions are not always able to keep up with the unique conditions that the military’s electronics are presented with, so they need to be specialized and customized. The team at Noren prides itself on providing ruggedized heat exchangers that can withstand myriad harsh conditions. For example, when electronics and gadgets are exposed to dusty climates— especially those that are hot — a heat exchanger must not only cool them down appropriately, but they must also be air-tight to prevent external particles from wreaking havoc on components, slowing down logistical capabilities and preventing benchmarks from being met. 

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