Keeping Outside Units Cool With Below Ambient Cooling

Generator backup powerAs an industry that relies heavily on keeping the line up and running, generating greater yields, or even striving for shortened cycle times, your technological applications must be equipped to handle great stressors. Indeed, technological advancement has paved the way for greater capabilities, but it is still important to recognize that your devices are not indestructible and instead require a little assistance to get the most from your setup. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses how our air to water heat exchanger can help keep outside units cool with below ambient cooling capabilities.

Utilizing an Open-Loop Core

It goes without saying that no two technological applications are going to be the same. To elaborate, even applications that are designed with similar purposes may consist of different models, account for different environmental factors, and even offer a different range of benefits depending on your unique needs.

When taking a look at electronics used in an outside setting, it becomes clear that the outside environment plays a major role in how effective your applications can be. You see, most utilize an electrical panel or enclosure in order to house the sensitive wires and electronics needed to make your devices operate. The problem that arises, however, is that these enclosures in and of themselves can overheat.

In order to help you get the most in terms of electrical panel enclosure cooling, our team recommends the help of an air to water heat exchanger. Air to water enclosure cooling, also known as below ambient cooling, utilizes a special open-loop core design to help cool overheating enclosures of all sizes to below the outside ambient air temperature. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

NEMA and UL-Certified

Our below ambient cooling units are designed to provide you with a better overall option for cooling overheating electronics. Moreover, they offer a more consistent solution than air conditioners and compressed air coolers, and help you get the most from your setup.

In addition to taking your needs into consideration, our below ambient heat exchangers are designed with NEMA and UL-certification in mind. This provides, at a minimum, a base-level of quality so you can rest assured you are in good hands. Contact our team to learn more today.

Designed With Your Needs in Mind

Finally, but certainly not least, we want you to know that with any of our custom heat exchangers, we are making alterations and creating them with your unique needs, parameters, and desires in mind. We will work with you to provide nothing short of the best options for your needs, and we welcome you to give us a call to get started.

Let’s Get Started

To learn more about your below ambient cooling options and how we can get started, contact Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX by calling 512-595-5700 to speak with a representative from our team today.