Looking At Air To Water Solutions

Certified industry female mechanical engineer working on industrial factory machinery - Skilled apprentice technician woman wearing safety equipment - Training, repair and diversity at work conceptIn our previous blog, we took a look at the versatility and customizability of various air to air thermal solutions. In addition to this, air to air options can be designed for a variety of applications in different fields, promote sustainable practices utilizing ambient cooling methods, and can overall optimize your thermal capabilities. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX takes a look at the ways an air to water heat exchanger utilizes below ambient cooling capabilities to ensure consistent cooling throughout an application and how your setup can benefit.

Defining Below-Ambient Heat Transfer

Unlike air to air methods that utilize ambient air to cool overheating electrical panels, air to water methods utilize the air surrounding the enclosure itself and phase-change methods to cool overheating devices in a process known as below-ambient heat transfer. To accomplish this, we utilize a specially-designed open-loop core. The core is essential in removing waste heat inside the enclosure, while also forcing the internal temperatures to remain below the level of the outside, ambient air surrounding it.

When working in industries that have unique or specific environments, it is important to consider these factors when pursuing a custom thermal solution. Indeed, getting the most from your technological applications requires you to not only think about your physical working environment, but the nature of the tasks you want applications to accomplish, what methods are being used to accomplish such tasks, and how you can get the most without breaking the bank in the process. To learn more about this process and how your field may benefit from below ambient enclosure cooling, give our team a call today.

Utilizing Circulating Water

As we mentioned briefly, air to water enclosure cooling utilizes fluid to sustainably provide necessary application cooling. This process is accomplished through the help of a specially-designed open loop core that exposes the fluid to the waste heat, allowing the cooler fluid to absorb this waste energy as opposed to allowing it to accumulate.

Not only does this process promote the level of cooling you are looking for, but it does so without causing you to spend an arm and a leg to make it happen. In other words, it allows your team to achieve optimal function without harming your environment or your bank account. Contact a representative from our team today to learn more.

Customize Your Options

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of below ambient cooling capabilities and working with our team is the ability to ensure your product is customized to your needs. You see, we take the time to truly get to know your situation and needs so that we can provide nothing short of exactly what you need.

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