Thermal Options For Mold Cooling

High precision die mold for casting automotive aluminium parts make with iron metal steel by lathe milling drilling and CNC machinery in the industrial factoryTaking care of your technological applications requires much more than just ensuring they are functioning. As a matter of fact, protecting your equipment from falling dirt, dust, and other debris is essential to proper thermal management, as these components can act as accelerants to electrical fires, among other concerns. Still, however, not every application is created the same, and as such, neither are the heat exchangers and other components that might be used to regulate internal temperatures. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX takes a look at the specific needs of plastic molding, and how injection molds can benefit from thermal pin heat exchangers.

Plastic Molding Needs

It goes without saying that there are often multiple ways to accomplish a given task, and some options utilize technology to our advantage so that these outcomes are maximized. Indeed, the same can be said about your business’ operation, and more often than not, the shortened cycle times and rapid thermal management is all it takes to elevate your business significantly above the rest.

Taking a closer look, we see that many industries utilize plastic containers and other products to either assist in their production process, or hold product as well. Indeed, the plastic mold industry truly extends its reach to a variety of areas, and as such, the demand to ensure proper thermal regulation is high.

Just as a device requires temperature regulation to prevent overheating in a variety of other areas, so too do plastic molds. In fact, the ability to rapidly heat and then cool a mold evenly is a hot commodity, and surprisingly enough, there are not many solutions that can help you achieve the most from the process such as Noren’s Thermal Pins. To learn more about this process and how we can help, reach out to our team today.

Injection Mold Functions

Though thermal pin heat exchangers can be utilized for a variety of mold types in the plastic industry, today’s blog primarily focuses on plastic injection mold cooling. In small cores that are used for this process, the high functionality of the product makes cooling in areas previously inaccessible much more straightforward and efficient. Further, most solid core applications will end up paying for themselves in a matter of months. For more about this process, reach out to our team today.

High-Temperature Heat Pipes

Because of the simple yet efficient design, thermal pins offer a level of higher temperature regulation and consistency in practice than many competing options. Further, our team will work with you to determine how we can help you get the most from your setup.

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