How Accessories Establish Reliability

Abstract filterOur team employs a combination of feasibility studies, rapid prototyping, and custom design to ensure your applications are capable of optimal cooling and thermal management. After all, overheating is one of the biggest threats to a device’s function, and each application regardless of make, model, or purpose experiences this issue. While many machines can benefit from a custom heat exchanger, sometimes all someone needs is an accessory or two to regulate productivity. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX explores the benefits behind custom accessories and how they can streamline your thermal management capabilities.

The Need for Fans

In some cases, industrial applications are created in such a way that they provide a minimal means of removing waste heat. What’s more? Over time, built-in screens and other items can become caked with dust or dirt, and without proper maintenance, can lead to dangerous conditions. Indeed, this can range from devices shutting down, causing electrical fires, and even permanent damage.

Because overheating is such a dangerous phenomenon, it is surprising to see that a number of businesses do not take care of their equipment to ensure proper function. Fortunately, that is where our team comes in to help. While some machines require an entire heat exchanger, others only need reliable accessories such as a fan, filter, or gasket.

Fans are one of the base-level accessories that really get the job done. They can be installed relatively simply, and help cool overheating electronics. On the other hand, filters prevent dangerous dust or other debris from entering an enclosure, while gaskets provide a tight seal that keeps things such as water and moisture from entering. For more information, reach out to our team today.

Protecting Sensitive Electronics with Gaskets

Another important situation when customizable accessories are helpful is in demanding r otherwise specific conditions. For instance, when working with machinery in the wastewater industry, it quickly becomes apparent that one of the biggest threats is vapor and liquid affecting sensitive electronics.

Gaskets are helpful in that they provide a secure seal between an enclosure opening and the sensitive wires and machinery contained inside of it. To learn more about when this accessory would be best, reach out to a representative from our team today.

Removing Dust with Filters

Filters are a classic accessory that helps prevent dust, dirt, and other similar debris from entering an enclosure. While general-purpose filters are intended for indoor use, there are a few different models and customizations that can occur to help suit your needs best.

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Protecting your equipment is crucial to ideal function, and our team is ready to help. Contact Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX by calling 512-595-5700 to learn more about what accessories could benefit you or speak to a member of our team today.