Increasing Your Overall Yield With Thermal Pins

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The goal of heat exchanging technology is to improve efficiency and lower costs at your facility. In addition, you want to increase yield as well. To accomplish this, we may recommend thermal pins for an array of molding industries. In today’s blog, Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, will talk about the benefits of employing them, and how they increase overall yield and provide an efficient means speeding up cool down times for those in the molding industry.

Thermal Pin Applications

Basically, a thermal pin is a high-temperature heat pipe. They’re typically used in injection and blow molding, as well as extrusion and thermal form molding applications. The pins could be used in an existing core, or the core itself could be transformed into a thermal pin heat conductor at our manufacturing facility. When employed at your facility, they could be used to remove heat and then cool, which not only speeds up production but increases overall yield as well! This is especially vital to the food and beverage industry, as this creates consistency with bottling and packaging beverages and foods in plastic containers.

Injection and Blow Molding

If you handle injection molding in a small core, the pins provide cooling to areas that cannot be reached with water. For solid cores, they draw heat from plastic and transfer to the mold base or remote water-cooling channels. For blow molding, we have a hollow thermal pin heat conductor that cools the end of the blow pin in a uniform manner. They also evenly cool the necks of molded bottles too!

Extrusion and Rotational Molding

What about extrusion molding? Since our pins are practically isothermal, they transfer heat fast and evenly. As a result, you don’t have to worry about hot spots that create sink marks, pulling, or spotting. For those in the rotational molding industry, the devices conduct heat transfers from the rotational and rubber molds, heating plastic fast and evenly. This is the case despite thickness levels of the mold!

Essentially, whether your goal is to increase overall yield, or implement rapid cooling in your mold production, these pins provide the optimal cooling solution. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us! You can contact our team at the phone number below, or visit our website to leave a message.

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