Eco-Friendly Ways to Cool Electrical Enclosures

Of the many different thermal management challenges that companies face these days, the goal of keeping electrical enclosures cooled in an efficient manner remains one of the most prominent ones. In nearly every industry, the use of technology continues to grow more dominant, and the control panels and other electrical enclosures that technology relies on require optimal solutions to remain properly cooled. In addition to providing the efficiency that modern operations typically demand, heat exchangers have also become an often ideal solution for their ability to cool electrical enclosures in more eco-friendly ways than traditional solutions can.

The important role of cooling electrical enclosures

In traditional settings, cooling electrical enclosures is an important thermal management process for several different reasons. The dominant role that technology plays in most industries is one. In order for companies to maintain competitive levels of efficiency and productivity, they need their technological solutions to function optimally. That requires implementing electrical cooling solutions that can operate continuously to keep up with increasing production demands. Using traditional enclosure cooling methods, such as air conditioning and air compression, made optimal electrical cooling a costly endeavor. However, more modern solutions such as heat exchangers can often provide a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution to cooling electrical enclosures in a wide variety of applications.

How companies used to prevent electrical overheating

The traditional methods of using air conditioning and/or air compressing units to cool electrical enclosures posed several different challenges for companies as their reliance on technology grew. The cost of running such solutions, for example, include exorbitant amounts of energy, which can often be one of the greatest expenditures in a company’s overhead. Yet, the costs associated with high-energy usage (not to mention the frequent maintenance and repair costs) are only a part of that challenge. It’s become increasingly more important for companies in every industry to implement greener and more eco-friendly business practices. For many applications, electrical cooling solutions that drink up energy and produce potential pollutants have become less sustainable in nearly every way.

The eco-friendly way heat exchangers cool enclosures

The advantages that heat exchangers brought to the realm of electrical cooling spanned nearly every aspect of electrical cooling. Companies that upgrade to heat exchangers to cool their electrical enclosures not only save significantly on the costs of energy and maintenance associated with it, but can also implement more eco-friendly processes in a more efficient and streamlined manner. This is due to the innovative methods heat exchangers use to transfer electrical waste heat before it can cause damage, rather than constantly lowering the temperature within the enclosure using chilled air. Heat transfer methods are more natural processes, such as phase-change cooling, that require significantly less energy to manage and don’t utilize or produce any environmentally harmful substances.

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