Benefiting from Liquid Cooling with Heat Exchangers

Liquid cooling has proven one of the most effective and efficient methods of managing large amounts of waste heat. The use of cooling fluids to transfer heat and dissipate it rapidly means applications aren’t limited in their operations due to inefficient and/or overly expensive thermal management processes (like air conditioning). However, utilizing liquid cooling hasn’t always been achievable for many types of applications. Doing so was costly, and companies that didn’t have resources to burn couldn’t always afford it. Now, heat exchangers have made liquid cooling and its many significant benefits attainable for a much wider variety of applications, and at a much lower cost than many companies still expect.

How liquid cooling works with heat exchangers

Liquid cooling relies on the use of safe, eco-friendly fluids (such as water) that can absorb and transfer heat. A fluid passes over or near a heat source, absorbing the heat as it does so. It then transfers the heat where it can dissipate it safely. Heat exchangers facilitate the process by creating a closed loop where the fluid can dissipate the heat into a sink, then flow back toward the source to continue transferring waste heat. For example, in a plate heat exchanger, the liquid flows through paths machined into the plates, absorbing the heat that is exposed to the other side of the plate.

Why making it accessible matters

With solutions like plate heat exchangers, companies of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from more powerful and efficient liquid cooling for their electrical thermal management needs. This means companies can save significant amounts of capital on overall energy usage, maintenance for suboptimal thermal management systems, and lost revenue from downtime due to that maintenance. Because heat exchangers continue to grow more versatile, they can also provide cost and energy-saving benefits for increasingly more applications.

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