Questions About Heat Exchangers and Thermal Management

Electrical thermal management has undergone several evolutions throughout its history, but heat exchangers are one of the most impactful innovations. While the electrical cooling solutions are well-known for their simpler and more efficient heat transfer processes, they can also manage large amounts of heat with optimal efficiency. This means they not only save companies money on thermal management costs, but also significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the technologies that they keep cool.

What is green thermal management?

Green thermal management means focusing on managing electrical waste heat without the need for processes and equipment that can consume lots of energy or utilize hazardous substances. Heat exchangers epitomize the concept by using natural cooling methods, such as phase-change cooling and natural or forced convection. These methods allow the heat exchangers to collect electrical waste heat and keep it flowing through a continuous loop. Within the loop, the cooling fluid can dissipate the heat safely and then flow back to the heat source to continue the cycle.

How do heat exchangers provide below-ambient cooling?

Traditional heat exchangers use these concepts to transfer heat instead of chilling it, which leaves the temperatures inside of electrical enclosures at just above the ambient temperatures outside of them. For many applications, this is more than adequate, but for many others, it doesn’t suffice. To accommodate the needs of high-demand applications, or those that operate in extremely hot climates, many modern heat exchanger varieties can be created to produce below-ambient cooling results.

Can heat exchangers cool more than just control panels?

Efficiently cooling control panels and other electrical enclosures is a significant responsibility for modern heat exchangers, but that is no longer their only purpose in most modern operations. Today, companies in virtually every industry take advantage of heat exchanger technology for a wide variety of purposes, from rapidly cooling superheated molds to providing heat for processes like wastewater treatment.

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